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2. Facility Types business models Programming branded, freestyleEquipmentwhats new, whats requisite Studio Design functional, aestheticsThe Future 3. INDOOR CYCLINGOverall participation in IndoorCycling rose by 11% in 2011Continued growth forecastedthrough 2016 SGMA 201244.3% all club members participate in group exercise61.3% all club members use cardio machinesSource 2011 IHRSA Health Club Report 4. BUSINESSMODELSStand Alone Cycling StudiosDual Fitness OfferingsFull Service Fitness Facility 5. The consumer is looking forsomething different, new andexciting, and the clubs andinstructors are trying to answerthat call.Kevin Bowen, Peak Pilates director of education. 6. Branded ProgramsFreestyle CyclingPROGRAMMING 7. Choosing or designing a program that willmatch your clubs brand is of the utmostimportance. Many club operators have failedwhen launching a trendy program, orlicensing a format, because it is notsupported by the clubs marketing brandand/or demographics.Club Industry, July 2011 8. EQUIPMENT TRENDSTraditional Group BikesIntegrated Power [watts]Road Riding Indoors 9. Performance Metric capabilities on bikes:power, cadence, heart rate, etc. 10. 1 out of every 2 bikes sold globally is a Spinner bike 11. Indoor cycling trainer allows participantsto use their own outdoor bike indoors. 12. We take our number one market shareposition very seriously in the category, andwhen we design new innovations, we striveto maintain this up-front position.Jeff Dilts, senior director of marketing & product management for Star Trac 13. STUDIOTRENDS 14. Sound + Lighting + Environment(The Studio Trifecta )= Overall User Experience 15. In order to maintain a competitive edge, club owners mustconstantly renovate, rethink and renew their cycling program.Updating your studios physical appearance is one of the easiest, most impressive quick fixes you can implement toboost Nov 2012 16. On DemandTHESelf Styled FUTURE 17. On DemandSelf Styled 18. Continuous industry researchhas governed methods andmovements that are safe andeffectiveAmanda Soerhide, District Athletic Director Mountainside Fitness 19. Over 20. 40% 21. of 22. members 23. participate 24. in 25. group 26. exercise2011 IHRSAIV. HEALTH CLUB MEMBER USAGE: The IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report 27. to learn more to take your studioto take your program to the next levelwere here to help


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