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  2. 2. I have an IDEA
  3. 3. But how would I spread them ?
  4. 4. N A N C Y D U A R T ECEO and Principal , Duarte Designs
  6. 6. REINVENT !!
  7. 7. Spreading ideas through storytelling
  8. 8. Physical Reaction to Storytelling Clap Smile Laugh Eyes Dilate Increase Heart Rate
  9. 9. According to the theory of resonance in physics , every object has a resonant frequency and when it interacts with a wave of same resonant frequency , it shakes .
  11. 11. Nancy studied some of the famous speeches and decoded a pattern .and this pattern resembled a sine wave.
  12. 12. All the speech transitions between what Duarte called What is and What could be The current reality / The world we are operating in The contrast between today and the alluring future which made people react. The bright future / A possibility
  13. 13. Analysing some of the famous speeches Analyzing some of the famous speeches
  14. 14. S T E V E J O B S
  15. 15. STEVE JOBS iPhone LAUNCH SPEECH The most heightened sense of What could be The speech had frequent jokes and himself laughed , showed excitement and clapped which made audience to physically connect with his speech (Speech pattern of Steve Jobs)
  16. 16. D O C T O R K I N G
  17. 17. Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream Speech Used the symbolic way of speaking Symbols such as he chose the Lincoln Memorial to give the speech and used the Declaration of Constitution and Independence in his speech and used a song with changed lyrics which they use to sing during Anti-slavery movement. Use of phrase in a speech becomes a beloved part to the speakers and hence his I have a Dream part made the speech memorable. (Speech pattern of Martin Luther King) (Kings speech pattern)
  18. 18. J A W A H A R L A L N E H R U
  19. 19. Jawahar Lal Nehrus Independence Day Speech The pattern observed was of most perfect shapes in all the speeches analysed. Speech transitioned between Indias suffering in the past and the upcoming bright future. At last , made a poetic vow to be determined to the country. (Nehrus speech pattern)
  20. 20. R I C H A R D F E Y N M A N N
  21. 21. Richard Feynmanns speech on Nanotechnology He was a great explainer and his talks had a star moment ,something which students would remember for a long time even after his class. Duarte analysed that more technical the talk tighter is the frequency. (Feymanns speech pattern)
  22. 22. M A R G A R E T T H A T C H E R
  23. 23. Margaret Thatchers Iron Lady Speech In her speech , she used contrast at phrase level , which is beloved by the listeners. Her speech felt as if she was punching with her words (Margaret Thatchers Iron Lady Speech)
  24. 24. J E S U S C H R I S T
  25. 25. Jesus Christs Sermon on the Mount Speech His Sermon on the Mount speech is the longest known piece he said It has the tightest speech pattern of all the speeches analysed. Used the beloved phrase pattern to speak and talked in an inconclusive manner Inconclusive manner means he told the listeners that what would happen with us would depend on what we do. (Jesus Christs speech pattern)
  26. 26. S U N J O N G C H U N
  27. 27. Sun Jong Chuns Pan Asian Speech The most fascinating thing about his speech was that , it mostly goes in the What is / What was phase Eastern way of storytelling was used. (Sun Jong Chuns Speech pattern)
  28. 28. Eastern way of storytelling / spreading ideas Eastern / Asian people value their culture and history . West wants to hear about future , East like to hear about their past . In Eastern culture , ideas should not be put forward directly , you should go on speaking and slowly hit the core idea.
  29. 29. E V I T A P E R O N E
  30. 30. (Evita Perones speech pattern)
  31. 31. Explaining the speech pattern of Evita Perone
  32. 32. Decide tour own future
  33. 33. Crafting your ideas beautifully ATTRACTothers .
  34. 34. Recap Divide your speech in What is and What could be so that the contrast provides a physical reaction to the audience and makes them interested. Identify your audience and how your story should go. Spend time to work on the idea . Try to use the ways which some of the popular speakers use like use of phrases , use of poetic language , symbolism .
  35. 35. "These slides were created by Shubham Verma( IIT Guwahati ) as part of an internship done under the guidance of Prof. Sameer Mathur ("
  36. 36. THANK YOU


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