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For startups, storytelling is crucial because it lets them clearly articulate what they do and why potential customers should be interested. It also differentiates them from rivals.


<ul><li>1.Storytelling: Why it mattersandHow to Do ItJanuary 2012</li></ul> <p>2. Storytelling is, by far, themost underrated skill in business 3. Stories and storytellers are all around us 4. Cave drawings dating back to 15,000 to 13,000 BC 5. William Shakespeare 6. The Grimm Brothers 7. Eminem 8. Rick Mercer 9. Ron Popeil 10. Why do Stories Work so Well? 1. Theyre memorable 2. Theyre motivating 3. And now theyre reallyshareable 11. But what does storytellinghave to do with startups? 12. Everything! 13. But Heres The Thing 14. Most startupsare bad storytellers 15. No Perspective 16. They talk about product, not what consumers need 17. Wrong Toolset 18. How do you start to tell stories? 19. Storytelling starts from. 20. Baked into the corporate DNA 21. How Come? 22. Convincefriends &amp;family 23. Convincefriends &amp;family AttractEmployees 24. Convincefriends &amp;family Get AttractCustomers Employees 25. ConvinceRaise Capital friends &amp;familyGetAttract CustomersEmployees 26. What doyou do? 27. What do you do? Who needs it? 28. What do you do?What are the keyWho needs it?benefits? 29. What do you do? WhatproblemWho needsit?are yousolving? What arethe key benefits? 30. .AndWIIFM? 31. The fuel for your marketing channels 32. Think Stories, Not Products 33. Put Yourself in the Other Persons Shoes 34. Party Where the Party is Happening 35. Be Different, Uniqueor Both 36. To hell with facts!We need stories.- Ken Kesey 37. Thanks! </p>