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Download Storytelling Teaching Reading Storytelling How many steps are there in storytelling time? Pre-storytelling While-storytelling Post-storytelling Have

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  • StorytellingTeaching Reading

  • StorytellingHow many steps are there in storytelling time?Pre-storytelling While-storytelling Post-storytelling Have students get ready for the storyHelp students understand the storyBuild up students skills

  • Group WorkPre-storytelling: What does the teacher do?While-storytelling: What does the teacher do?You have 5 minutes for storytelling time every day. In what way does the teacher end up the storytelling time?Lets watch a clip and answer these questions:

  • StorytellingLets watch a clip

  • StorytellingPre-Storytelling: What does the teacher do?Make a signal: Changing your appearance, sing a song, do a chant Have students sit on the floor around him.Have students review the previous parts of the story and predict what will happen in the story

  • StorytellingWhile-storytelling: What does the teacher do? Read the story slowly and clearly. Explain the new words. Encourage the students to take part in the story. Make the story interesting with your voice (tone, volume, pause, sound)

  • Storytelling TimeEnd up the storytelling time: What does the teacher do?Raise students curiosity for the next part.

  • Story-telling TimePost-storytelling activities: Story summaryNew endingRole-playMoral lessons

  • Song 1Hey, hey, hoo, hoo, Hey, hey, hooIts story time, lets goLets open a book and take a lookIts hey, hey, hoo, hey, hooHey, hoo

  • Song 2 Up, up, down, down and please stand up Up, up, down, down and clear it up Up, up, down, down lets clear it up Up, up, down, down and Up, up, down, down and And listen to my story

  • Song 3 Five minutes moreFive minutes moreThe last five minutes is the time for story

  • Chant Hey, heyFive minutes leftFive minutes leftFive minutes for youFive minutes for meFive minutes for you and meFive minutes for boysFive minutes for girlsFive minutes for boys and girlsFive minutes is not so shortFive minutes is not so longFive minutes is just enoughFor an interesting story


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