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The NZ IT/ICT industry continues to maintain an upward trajectory in terms of the rising number of job adverts. In order to deal with new projects and increased customer demand ICT employers in the three main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are planning to recruit additional staff/contractors.


<ul><li> 1. 1ICT Trends Job MarketPositive IndicatorsThe NZ ICT job market has continued its upward trend throughout the year with an overall increasein job adverts posted on Seek ICT and Trademe IT since January of 58 and 60 percent respectively ,based on the ICT Trend Series.The Ministry of Innovation, Business and Employment (MBIE) jobs online report, published thismonth, found that the largest increase in skilled job vacancies for August was the IT industry, up 1.8percent. This was in spite of a 0.4 percent fall in overall skilled job vacancies advertised online. Theannual change for August 2013-2014, as listed on the Skilled Vacancies Index by industry group,trend series, recorded a 3.5 percent increase for IT. In comparison the ICT Trend Series recorded anincrease of 7 percent; double that of the skilled vacancy index for the same period.IT/ICT employers in New Zealands three main centres, according to recent reports by Absolute IT,are planning to recruit additional staff/contractors to deal with new projects and increased customerdemand. In Auckland the top skills that employers are planning to recruit for are business analysis,software development, network and infrastructure, and testing. The leading skill that Wellingtonemployers are recruiting for is project management while in Christchurch employers are recruitingfor a similar set of skills with the addition of data/database. (Refer Table 1).ICT Career/Job ProspectsThe Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) website provides job seekers andstudents with current education, employment and income information relating to ICT career paths.Figure 1 (mobile app. screenshots) illustrates the occupation outlook for several categories of highgrowth ICT occupations, together with the projected annual average growth from 2011 to 2021.Table 1 lists the current (September) Seek ICT job adverts for high growth occupations.Table 1 Seek ICT Job Adverts for High Growth Occupations*ICT High Growth OccupationsSeek ICT JobAdverts September2014Business and Systems Analysts 322Database Administrator 31#Systems Administrator 86#ICT Managers 650#Network Professionals 97#Programmers 715Software Developers 441#Support Professionals 281#Testing 346*Overlap between occupations may distort advert numbers#All categories</li></ul> <p> 2. Fig 1 High Growth STEM Related Occupations 2014 (MBIE Labour Information)TIOBE Programming Community Index UpdateThe TIOBE index top five programming languages in descending order for September are; C, Java,Objective-C, C++, and C#. The index headline states that the change in popularity of C++ and Javamay be affected by the growing number of specific fields, such as biomedical, statistical andhardware, using their own set of programming languages to write programs.Java is the only programming language in NZ that aligns in popularity with the TIOBE index atnumber two, based on the Seek ICT job adverts for September (Table 2).Table 2 Current NZ Demand for TIOBE Top 5 Programming LanguagesTIOBE Index Order2of PopularityTIOBE Index Top 5Programming Language*Seek ICT Job Advertsfor September5 C# 3192 Java 3104 C++ 613 Objective-C 251 C 18*Some programming language adverts overlap/double up; e.g. C/C++Job AdvertsSeek ICT Job adverts for September are down marginally by 2.7 percent on last month, but aresignificantly up by 11.8 percent on this time last year (Fig.2). 3. Fig.2 Seek ICT Job Adverts Monthly Trends 2010 2014 (September)The Trademe IT job adverts for September are 2 percent down on last months figure of 1278, butare substantially up by 24 percent on last years September adverts (Fig.3). This months Trademe ITtotal represents an overall increase of almost 60 per cent since the beginning the year.Fig.3 Seek ICT &amp; Trademe IT Job Advert Trends to September 2014Figure 4 illustrates a slight fall overall in Seek ICT job adverts for this month with Auckland down 7.2percent. Wellington leads the increase in adverts for the year to September at 92.5 percent,followed by Auckland with 53 percent, and Canterbury with 37 percent. The increase for all NZ for3 4. the year to September is 57.5 percent (Refer to figure 5 for specific numbers), significantly higherthan for the same period last year at 45 percent.Grow Wellington, the regional economic development organisation, is addressing the more than 500ICT vacancies in the region; 718 listed on Seek ICT this month. The online campaign, backed by theMinistry of Business, Innovation and Employment, targets ex -pat Kiwis and Australians to filldeveloper, project manager, business analyst, tester and other IT support roles.Fig.4 Seek ICT Job Advert Trends Monthly Change for September 2014Figure 5 provides a detailed record of the Seek ICT job advert trends by region for the year toSeptember 2014.Fig.5 Seek ICT Job Advert Monthly Trends to September 20144 5. ConclusionThe NZ IT/ICT industry continues to maintain an upward trajectory in terms of the rising number ofjob adverts. In order to deal with new projects and increased customer demand ICT employers in thethree main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are planning to recruit additionalstaff/contractors.Job seekers and students potentially have access to a wealth of information about the ICToccupations, especially the high growth categories, leading to well paid jobs/careers. The top skillsand/or high growth occupations are highlighted in a number of online reports, updated regularly, byorganisations such as the governments MBIE and the recruitment specialists Absolute IT.ICT Industry and professional organisations need to ensure that the message to potential job seekersand students is received, understood and acted upon to help guarantee a continuing supply ofprofessional ICT talent.5News Bytes: A to ZITU GEM-TECH Awards 2014: Gender Equality mainstreamingThis is an annual special achievement award for outstanding performers and role models in GenderEquality and mainstreaming in the area of ICTs applicable for both women and men.NZ NZ Herald: IT bosses keen to pay upNew Zealand's IT sector has grown by 80 per cent in the past 10 years.NZ Stuff.co.nz; Business Day: Job outlook strong despite electionOverall employment picture was positive, but hiring activity was becoming centralised in the maincities, particularly Auckland and Christchurch, according to ManpowerGroup Australia and NewZealand managing director Lincoln Crawley.UAE Gulfnews.com: Women making great progress in the male-dominated IT sectorFemale students recognise that more opportunities are opening up to study and work in IT sector. </p>