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  • 1.New ZealandICTTertiary Education & Job SeriesNovember 2011garry.roberton@wintec.ac.nzNote:Indicatesnew/significantchange

2. Insights Tertiary ICT Education - Mori : Mori participation rates in tertiary education across all levels & all fields compare well (18%) with the proportion of Mori (15%) in the total population However, Mori participation rates for ICT are significantly lower; 12% for diplomas [levels 5 to 7] 7% for degrees Jobs [Last month ()]: NZ Seek ICT jobs adverts for the month of November; All NZ fell by 5% (+1%) (Up 14.6% on November 2010) Auckland down 2% (-1%), Wellington down 1% (+2%) and Canterburydown a significant 30% (+9%) Waikato experienced a 58% decrease (+2%) Trademe (all NZ) decreased by 6% (+2%) (Up 16% on November 2010) 3. Mori 15% of NZ Population & Growing European (70%) Mori (15%) and growing in proportion Asians (9%) Non- Mori Polynesians (6 %) New for NovemberSource: (Accessed November 2011) 4. Mori participation in tertiary education reduced athigher levels [Domestic Equivalent Full Time Tertiary Student Units by Ethnic Groups 2010]All Ages & All Levels All Ages Levels 5 to 7 26% 14% European 16%56% Maori 18% Other70%New forNovemberSource: (Accessed November 2011) 5. Mori participation rates for ICT diplomas almostdouble those for degrees [Domestic ICT Tertiary Enrolments by Ethnicity 2010] ICT Diploma EFTSICT Degree EFTSEuropeanMaoriOther 28% 37%60%56% 12%7%New forNovemberSource: (Accessed November 2011) 6. IT experienced the strongest growth in September 2011[DoL Skilled Vacancies Index (SVI) by Industry and Occupation Group, Seasonally Adjusted] Accounting, HR, legal and admin Construction and engineeringEducation and trainingAnnual change (Sept10 Sept 11)Healthcare and medicalHospitality and tourism Monthly change(Aug 11 - Sept 11) Other Sales, retail, marketing andadvertising IT-10.0%0.0%10.0% 20.0%30.0% 40.0% 50.0%Source:(Accessed November 2011) 7. CommentGrowth in skilled job vacancies varied by industries andoccupations: IT (up by 12.5%) and education and training (up by 10.6%) had thestrongest growth in September Industries with the biggest fall were; hospitality and tourism (down by 5.3%) and accounting, HR, legal and administration (down by 5.2%) Skilled job vacancies increased across all industries, compared with ayear ago The construction and engineering industry (up by 44.6%) was thestrongest, largely due to the reconstruction activities in Canterbury. 8. Seek IT Job Trends NZ201135003000250020001500Last Year1000 500 0Source:(Accessed November 2011) 9. Seek ICT Job AdvertsMonthly Changefor November 20110%-10%-20%-30%Monthly Change-40%-50%-60%Source: (Accessed November 2011) 10. Seek ICT Job Advert TrendsYear to November 201170%60%50%40%30%20% Growth10% 0% Auckland Waikato Wellington Canterbury Total NZ-10%-20%Source: (Accessed November 2011) 11. 2007 PeakICT Job Adverts NZbeforeSeek & Trademerecession 3487350031273000300028702689273226922662266226032568250020001712 Trademe IT 1462147414841500 136714071391Seek IT 1353135213241347 1265 9551000 500 0 Sept Jan FebMar April May JuneJulyAug Sept OctNov 200720112011201120112011201120112011201120112011 Source:(Accessed November 2011) 12. Seek ICT Job AdvertsYear to November2011 Total NZ CanterburyNovember 2010 Wellington Waikato Auckland05001000 1500 20002500 30003500Auckland Waikato Wellington CanterburyTotal NZ Nov-11 1579 36 714181 2568 Oct-11 1612 57 7232362692 Sep-11 1629 56 7072142662 Aug-11 1772 72 7272422870 Jul-11 1837 65 8912553127 Jun-11 1751 57 8802293000 May-11 1635 59 7851842732 Apr-11 1516 67 8251882689 Mar-11 1530 68 7851442603 Feb-11 1559 66 8001512662 Jan-11 96042 5321231712Source: (Accessed November 2011) 13. Seek ICT Job Adverts by Industry Certification November 2011Total NZCanterburyWellingtonWaikatoAuckland0100 200 300400 500 600700 800Auckland Waikato Wellington Canterbury Total NZMicrosoft 2508105 36 408Cisco 156450 16236Linux 51612 17156782Note: Almost no changeSource: (Accessed November 2011) 14. Seek ICT Job Adverts Filteredby Management Certifications350300250200PMP28% Prince 215044% ITIL100 50 28% 0Notes: All 3 management certifications may be referenced in the same job advert.Source:(Accessed November 2011) 15. Seek ICT Job Adverts by Programming LanguageNovember 2011Total NZCanterburyWellingtonWaikato Auckland0 100200300 400 500600 700AucklandWaikato WellingtonCanterburyTotal NZ .NET 181 0 7319280 PHP358312445548 C# 137052 24220 Java 386014053601Source: (Accessed November 2011) 16. Seek IT Job Adverts Comparison by Languages Oct-Nov 2011280344Inner = Oct 601Java613Outer = NovPHP 2206% overallmonthly C#250decrease inadverts for .NETlanguages 554 548Source: (Accessed November 2011) 17. Java Skills in IT jobs Advertised across theUKNovember 2011 Same period 2009 Same period 20103 months to 9 Nov 2011 0 500010000 15000 20000 25000Source: (Accessed November 2011) 18. Java Skills in the UKNovember 2011As Percentage of all Permanent IT As Percentage of theJobsProgramming Languages Category14%16%27% 29%3 months to 9 Nov201116% Same period 2010 31%Same period 2009Source: (Accessed November 2011) 19. News BytesThe Three Largest Fields in Science Lose Ground President Obama & industry groups call on colleges to graduate 10,000 more engineers a year and 100,000 new teachers with majors in STEM science, technology, engineering and math Dr. Goldberg, who retired last year as an engineering professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign thinks the presidents chances of getting his 10,000 engineers is essentially nil. Source:(Accessed November 2011) 20. News BytesHigh-tech Sector Beats the Bank[][] The Technology Investment Network Report covers three sub-sectors; ICT Biotechnology High-tech manufacturing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) revenues grew 13% High-tech sector revenue passes $7 billion for the first time Third biggest exporter with 4% growth to over $5b ..current NZ ICT workforce inadequate for the tasks that lie ahead were not training sufficient specialists to meet the ICT needs.. ICT careers not seen as desirable or sexy lessening demand for courses inthese disciplines (David Stone, TCF CEO 21. Conclusion Education: Lower participation rates in ICT education, at 12% for diplomas and 7%for degrees, provide strong incentives for encouraging young Mori toqualify for jobs in one of the highest paid professions in NZ Building Mori participation in the industry is vital, given the projecteddemographics of falling secondary school numbers, an aging populationand an insatiable demand by the ICT industry for suitably qualified andskilled employees Jobs: IT experienced the strongest growth at 12.5%, by Industry andOccupation Group, in September 2011, according to the DoL SkilledVacancies Index (SVI) High-tech sector revenue passes $7 billion for the first time and is nowthe third biggest exporter with 4% growth to over $5 billion