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ICT tertiary enrollment & job trends - NZ & global.


<ul><li>1.New ZealandICTTertiary Education &amp; Job Series August 2012garry.roberton@wintec.ac.nzNote:Indicatesnew/significantchange</li></ul> <p>2. InsightsSeek ICT NZ Job Adverts for August 2012 Big decline in management certification jobs; i.e. PMP, Prince &amp; ITIL Total job adverts; 0.6 per cent decrease for the month Down 5.0 per cent on August 2011 Up 17 per cent on August 2010 Monthly change by region; Auckland down 5.6 per cent Waikato down 18.2 per cent Wellington up 4.4 per cent Canterbury up 15.4 per cent Trademe IT increased 4.0 per cent for the month Cloud computing category added to this months trends analysis NZs older ICT workers have high levels of workplace disengagementNote: Analysis performed on Monday 13th August 2012 3. Seek &amp; Trademe2007 Peakbefore ICT Job Advert TrendsrecessionAll NZ350030002500 Trademe IT2000 No.of Jobs Seek IT15001000 500 0 SeptJan FebMarApril May June July Aug 2007Month &amp; Year Source: (Accessed August 2012) 4. Seek ICT Job AdvertMonthly Trends 2010 - 2012 3500 3000 2500No. of Job Adverts 2000 2012 15002011 2010 10005000Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec MonthSource: (Accessed August 2012) 5. Seek ICT Job Advert TrendsYear to August 2012Total NZCanterburyAugust2011WellingtonWaikato Auckland0500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000Auckland WaikatoWellington CanterburyTotal NZ Aug-11 1523 55 787 272 2725 Jul-11160865752230 2742 Jun-11164450793220 2786 May-12152040878243 2784 Apr-12140745689221 2438 Mar-12157748853218 2768 Feb-12153961805266 2753 Jan-12108732543185 1904Source:(Accessed August 2012) 6. Seek ICT Job Advert TrendsChange for the Month ofAugust 201220.0%15.0%10.0% 5.0%Percentage Change 0.0% Auckland Waikato Wellington Canterbury Total NZ -5.0%-10.0%-15.0%-20.0%Source:(Accessed August 2012) 7. ICT SalariesIT Salaries (Salary Survey)Refer for Charted ResultsPosition Auckland WellingtonProject manager (5+years $110,000- $100,000- experience) $125,000$140,000 Manager IT operations $100,000- $120,000- $120,000$150,000Help desk/desktop support/apps support (3-5 $55,000-$65,000 $55,000-$80,000 years experience)Article accessed August 2012 8. Seek ICT Job Advertsby Industry CertificationAugust 2012Total NZ Monthly change for;CanterburyMicrosoft:All NZ decreased...7%Auckland increased..7%Waikato increased.73%WellingtonLinux:All NZ decreased...18.6%Auckland decreased..4%Waikato Cisco:All NZ decreased..7.5%Auckland decreased...18.6% AucklandWellington increased..15% 0100 200300 400500 600700800 900 Auckland WaikatoWellington Canterbury Total NZ Microsoft 27619119 68 550 Cisco 105862 23210 Linux 52718189 86823Source:(Accessed August 2012) 9. Seek ICT Job Adverts Filtered by Management Certifications August 201228%30044%25028%200 Monthly decreases for: PMPPMP -24% for all NZ150 Prince -33% for AucklandITIL -12% for Wellington Prince -24% for all NZ100 -34% for Auckland -27% for Wellington ITIL50 -20% for all NZ -20% for Auckland -19.5% for Wellington 0Auckland Wellington Canterbury Waikato Total NZ Source:(Accessed August 2012) 10. Computing IT skills survey 2012 11. Seek ICT Job AdvertsFiltered by DBA/DeveloperAugust 2012 16%Total NZ42% 42%WaikatoCanterbury Monthly Changes: All NZ; SAP down 7%Wellington Oracle down 9% SQL Server down 5% Auckland - Oracle &amp; SAP down Auckland11% &amp; 9.7% respectively Canterbury - Oracle up 12% 0100200 300400 500 600 700800 900 AucklandWellingtonCanterbury Waikato Total NZ SQL Server203 6643 7 327 SAP 531222 7016849 Oracle523228 7514853 Source:(Accessed August 2012) 12. Seek ICT Job Adverts byProgramming Language August 2012 19%Total NZ 34% 17%Canterbury 30%Wellington The largest monthly increases occurred for Canterbury; .NET.19%Waikato C#.......................40% Increases for occurred for; Auckland C# (All NZ).4% C# (Wellington)14.5% 0100200300 400500600 700800 Auckland experienced decreases for; Auckland Waikato Wellington Canterbury Total NZ .NET2555 92 53 416 PHP-6% PHP 40412 140 66 636 .NET..-7% C#228 4 6360 360 Java45511 171 67 716 Source:(Accessed August 2012) 13. Seek ICT Job Adverts by Role August 2012Programmer/Developer115 579608System SupportHelp Desk551681Network (All categories) 191Mobile (Apps)All Other RolesSource: (Accessed August 2012) 14. Seek ICT Job Advert Trends Cloud Category80706050 Regional Distribution of Cloud Jobs403020New forAugust 201210 0AucklandWellington Canterbury Waikato Total NZSource:(Accessed August 2012) 15. Seek ICT Job Advert TrendsCloud Category by Role August 20128Admin 14 7 Analyst 8 Consultant13 Developer Engineer 717 Sales SpecialistNew forAugust 2012Source:(Accessed August 2012) 16. Cloud ComputingApples Steve Wozniaks concerns; Users are effectively handing control of their data to providers "With the cloud, you dont own anything. Youve already signed it awaythrough the legalistic terms of service with a cloud provider thatcomputer users must agree to" Wozniaks fears are echoed by Computings research findings including; 55 per cent of IT decision-makers citing loss of control as a key concern For 38 per cent of IT decision-makers, vendor lock-in was one of their biggest cloud security concerns This follows several public cloud outages affecting the likes of MicrosoftAzure, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce.com (ReferAugust 2012) 17. Cloud Computing Cloud computing: What does it really mean for IT jobs? Spend on cloud services is still only a fraction of the global IT spend Gartner predicts that the market for cloud compute services will grow 48.7 per cent in 2012 to $5bn, up from $3.4 billion in 2011 By 2020 the majority of organisations will rely on the cloud for more than half of their IT services Manual management of IT infrastructure will increasingly be automated; Includes tasks like monitoring an apps storage demands and purchasing and installing new storage for it Cloud computing app already programmed to allow the application to access additional storage as needed Traditional infrastructure management roles will become all but defunct, allowing IT systems to be run with fewer people New roles being created, such as; Using individuals technical skills to add value to the business Real-time big data analytics Provision of scalable cloud services to always connected mobile computers 18. http://tinyurl.com/4wyclhl 19. Seek ICT Job Advert Trends IT Architect August 2012 Total NZ WaikatoNote: A continuing demand for VmWare qualified applicants; 50% increase for Wellington for the monthCanterbury Absolute IT Permanent Salary for Architect (medium quartile) $115,500 WellingtonAuckland0102030 40 50 60 70 8090100Auckland WellingtonCanterburyWaikato Total NZTOGAF 9 7 6 1 0 14VmWare4830 7 3 95Source: (Accessed August 2012) 20. News Bytes - U.S.A. IT job market in hiring mode: analysis of U.S. hiring report for July showed a net gain of 18,200 jobs, which represented the largest monthly IT employment increase since 2008 Aanalysis of IT labour trends for the same period showed a moremodest increase of 4,800 new IT jobs. Apparently U.S. Labour analysts differ in detailabout labour growth, due to the use of different Labour Dept. job categories, butgenerally agree on the broad employment trends; i.e. a consistent uptick in IT hiring asillustrated in the graph below; 21. News BytesYoung New Zealanders looking for work need to developstronger soft skills sociologist Professor Paul Spoonley on the need fordeveloping stronger soft skills; The global financial crisis has increased youth unemployment for 15 to 25- year-olds Employers expect young people to have post-secondary school qualifications and to have well-developed soft skills; Good communication, IT and inter-personal skills Good work habits Parents and students should think beyond academic achievement and consider community involvement 2011 IITP Newsline Article re Youth Unemployment - 22. News Bytes10 highly valued soft skills for IT pros - according toTechRepublic Deal making and meeting skills Great communication skills A sixth sense about projects Ergonomic sensitivity Great team player Political smarts Teaching, mentoring, and knowledge sharing Resolving gray issues Vendor management Contract negotiation 23. News Bytes August 2012 - Findings from a recent survey of more than 2000NZ employees by Some disturbing trends in retention highlighted; 30 per cent of employees hired within the last two years intend leaving the organisation IT among the worst industries in this regard Despite rising unemployment, the talent shortage persists; 48 per cent of employers reporting difficulty filling jobs in NZ because of a lack of qualified candidates IT among the hardest jobs to fill in NZ NZ tied with India in being the sixth most difficult country in the world to find talent At present, New Zealand has almost double the proportion of older workers as Australia By 2051 it is estimated that 10 per cent of the workforce will be over 65 NZ seems to be failing older workers badly, with high levels of disengagement showing up inthe survey; Since 2009, among baby boomers there has been a; Thirteen per cent decline in job engagement Thirty per cent decline in organisational engagement 24. News Bytes Hiring of 457 Visa holders On-going and significant gap between the supply and demand of ICT skills inAustralia with a shortage of developers, programmers and software engineers Australian students not studying CS and IT (in sufficient numbers) with ICTenrolments in universities halving over the past decade Latest figures from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) show8,800 skilled workers in the information, media and telecoms industry, heldprimary 457 visas ICT positions attract an average annual remuneration package of AU$85,100 Foreign IT workers mostly come from the UK, India and Ireland, including; 1,870 developer programmers 1,110 ICT business analysts 1,080 software programmers Up to 50 ICT workers a year could be brought into Australia, under the 457 visaprogramme 25. ConclusionDemand for Skills Well developed/highly valued soft skills required for both ICT graduatesand IT pros Cloud computing - going to require a rethink of the skills needed as newroles created. Gartner predicting that by 2020 the majority oforganisations will rely on the cloud for more than half of their IT services Shortage of ICT skills highlighted by Rod Drurys tweet below; U.S.A. IT job market continuing to rise/in hiring mode Australia looking to the UK, India and Ireland to plug their ICT skill shortages </p>