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New Zealand ICT Trends

September 2016



Insights for September 2016Trademe IT Job Adverts: Down 3.6 percent on August figure of 990Up 3.3 percent on September 2015 Seek ICT All NZ Job Adverts: Total job adverts;Up 0.7 percent for the monthUp 4 percent on September 2015 (similar to Trademe IT percentage increase)Up 46.4 percent for the year to dateAuckland is the only region to buck the downward trend for this month, up 1.5 percent (Up 11 percent on September last year other regions are down (Wellington by 15 percent)) Techday Educators: Auckland ICT Grad School Shines Light on Kiwi Tech Skills The ICT skills shortage is being targeted by the government as a key area Auckland is one of three universities to receive $28 million in funding apparently the results are impressive, but no graduate figures were included in the self-promotion articleTechRepublic: Over 70% of Global Employers now use contractors to help fill IT Skills ShortagesSome 40% of US businesses now feature a hybrid workforce of permanent, contract, and freelance employees, representing the largest such workforce globally.USA - IT News: 10 Tech Skills that will earn your more money (Fig.1)Note: Data analysis performed on Tuesday 15th September 2016

Tech Skills Increasingly in DemandUSA Average Annual Salary (Source: Dice)NZ Seek ICT Job Adverts for September 2016NZ Indicative Salary (Hudson & Seek ICT)1Azure$110,70772$100k to $130k2Cloud$112,972261$45k to $120k3JIRA$111,10337$80k to $100k4Security Engineer$107,479102$90k to $140k5Cassandra$147,8115Unknown6Salesforce$107,81029$120k to $160k7Network Admin$87,89762$80k to $100k8Big Data$121,32841$90k to $120k

Table 1 Current NZ Demand for Tech Skills Growing Increasingly in Demand in the USA

Peaks before the 2007-2008 GFC

Sept 2015 (922)Sept 2015(2023)Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 15 September 2016)

Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 15 September 2016)

Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 15 September 2016)

September 20152023

Source: Seek ICT (Accessed 15 September 2016)