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IBL CO 2 cooling control system 28.05.2014. Bart Verlaat, Lukasz Zwalinski , Maciej Ostrega, Michal Zimny, Florian Corbaz. Requirements. System operational 24/7 with active on call service 24/7. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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28.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 1IBL CO2 coolingcontrol system

28.05.2014Bart Verlaat, Lukasz Zwalinski,Maciej Ostrega, Michal Zimny,Florian Corbaz

125.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiRequirementsSystem operational 24/7 with active on call service 24/7.On-call service provide by EN-CV for 1st level intervention and ATLAS cooling expert on-call.Global alarm communication to CCC activatedMOON monitoring with mail & SMS notificationIndustrial components based control systemRedundancy in terms of power distribution and main control components25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiImplementationControl part:2x Schneider Premium PLCs + 1x 340 M in TNWinCC OA 3.11 as SCADA in TNWAGO Ethernet IP distributed I/Os in privet networkSCADA server in CCC, with access via terminal server and dedicated CCMAccess control via e-groupsLHC loggingLASER alarms to CCC DIP data to DCS Direct MODBUS communication for DCSHard wired signals for DSSSiemens local touch screensElectrical part:Standard industrial components (ABB, Siemens, Schneider, Phoenix etc.)24V DC hot swappable redundant power supplies

Few numbers:~230k lines of PLC code366 alarms and interlocks81 user interface panelsPH-DT standardcommon for ATLAS and CMS25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 4


EN/CV Terminal serverDetector Control SystemDIPCERN Control RoomCritical data tunnel from PLC to DCS

Vacuum PLCM340M CPU

Privet networkPrivet networkIBL architecture25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 5FrameworkUNICOSCPC UNified Industrial COntrol System Continuous Process Control CPC6

UNICOS framework supports 3 control system layers:supervision (SCADA: WinCC OA 3.11)control (PLC: Siemens S7 and Schneider)field layer

Thepackage of programming tools includes:baseline library (with modular PID algorithm)code generatorskeleton templates and example of objects list

Object definitions provided byUNICOS are split into: I/O Objects (Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input) Field Objects (OnOff, Analog, AnaDig, Controller, etc.) Process Control Objects (PCO)

Offers homogenous user interface and PLC code organization.


SCADA Servers

Ethernet Network & TCPIP communication services

PLC Process ControlPLC Process Control & Field interface

Operator Consoles

Fieldbus Networks

control system connection to the process directly or through field-busesIndustrial Field layerIndustrial Supervision LayerInterface to operators(Monitoring & Command emission)Real time DB & ArchivingControl Logic ActionsIndustrial Control layer25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 6LHC Tunnel Cryogenic Control System:- 18 x S7 400PLC + 2 x S7 300PLC,- 15000 distributed sensors and actuators, - 5500 interlocks & alarms, - 3600 PID Control Loops

Detector Gas Systems- 24 PLCs Schneider Premium,- 10000 I/O,- 3000 alarms, about half of these cause an interlock,- About 200 PID Control Loops


Others:NA48 Experiment - ECN3 HALL - Control Room in Bld. 918CMS tracker thermal screen ECAL detector cooling control systemLHC collimator temperaturesATLAS BigWheelsALICE SSD Cooling InterlockALICE SDD Cooling InterlockALICE Cooling water valves control

Who is already using UNICOS framework?25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 7Control racks@ USA15

25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 8Electrical racksDistributed control systemModular control cabinetsOne side cabinets with easy access for maintenance and modification Standard industrial electrical and control components (ABB,SIEMENS etc.)

Headerfixed area (toolbar)

Process areaSynoptic

FooterContextual areaHistoric25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 9

User interfaces25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 10

Right click on the Current user name or click on the keyClick Login asEnter an authorized NICE user / password

Main Access Groups:MonitorOperatorExpertAdmin

Only NICE authorized users (defined previously) are allowed to be log in the PVSS.

User interfaces25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 11

Static infoTextDrawings

Animated WidgetsSensorsActuatorsControllerProcess unitAlarmsProcess unitSensorActuatorStatic infoWidget interactions

User interfaces25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 12WinCC OA 3.11 interfaces

User interfaces25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 13

Event listAlarm listUser interfaces25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 14

Recipe componentUser defined trends

Recipe: Massive parameterization (optional)Alarm thresholdsSet PointsPID parametersTrends:Trend treeIndividual trends via object face plateDynamic trendsUser tools25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 15Alarms

Alarms: Massive parameterization (optional)Apply for individual objects and/or PCOsGroupsFull stop interlocksTemporary stop interlocksStart interlocksAllow restart functionality 25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 16

Powering scheme25.05.2014Lukasz ZwalinskiLHCb CO2 cooling; 17Composed of 3 independent Schneider PLCsSCADA based on SIEMENS WinCC OA 3.11 SCADA server placed in TN, CCCWAGO Ethernet IP selected as distributed I/OsMaximum of the redundancy in control and electricity adopted to the shared accumulator architectureSCADA and PLC software based on UNICOS CPC 6