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1. THE 5 THINGS I WISH I KNEW BEFORE I BOUGHT MARKETING AUTOMATION HubSpot Webinar 06.23.15 2. 2 LIVE WEBINAR: 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought Marketing Automation 12 PM ET / 9AM / 5 PM GMT #mktautomationlessons 3. 3 MEET TODAYS GUESTS JENIFER KERN VP of Marketing KYLE MCKAY Head of Market Intelligence 4. 4 1. Its About the Business, Bozo 2. Technology is a Tool, Marketing is a Mindset 3. Not all Platforms are Created Equal 4. Loveable Imperfection Rules 5. It Takes a Village THE BIG 5 5. 5 #1 ITS ABOUT THE BUSINESS, BOZO 6. 6 PUT THE BUSINESS FIRST. ALWAYS. ASSESS YOUR : Business culture Strategies and goals Core values Brand attributes THEN ALIGN THEM WITH A SIMILAR SYSTEM. 1 2 3 5 4 7. 7 BUSINESS ALIGNMEN T [example] OUR VALUES SYSTEM 1 SYSTEM 2 SYSTEM 3 Agile & Flexible Collaborative Entrepreneurial Transparent Integrated/Full- Service Creative Competitive Fast Growing Customer- Focused 8. 8 LESSONS LEARNED: BUSINESS ALIGNMENT Expand RFPs beyond technical criteria to company values, culture, brand. Create a business alignment checklist. Ask vendors what values guide their solution. Call their Support Line! 9. 9 #2 TECHNOLOGY IS A TOOL, MARKETING IS A MINDSET 10. 10 TECHNOLOGY IS ALWAYS CHANGING; BASIC TENETS OF MARKETING ARE NOT KEEP MARKETING CONCEPTS AT THE CORE: Content is King Creativity is Queen Personas & Buyer Profiles Always be Helping 2 1 3 5 4 11. 11 COMBINE ART + SCIENCE THE ART content, personas, visuals designs, branding What does this mean for your team/skillsets, strategy? THE SCIENCE the technology, testing, reporting & analytics, SEO 12. 12 LESSONS LEARNED: BALANCE MARKETING & TECHNOLOGY Stay true to your inner marketing goddess. Channel Peter Drucker. Focus first on marketing strategy, second on how technology enables it. Embrace both right and left brain approaches. 13. 13 #3 NOT ALL PLATFORMS ARE CREATED EQUAL 14. 14 NOT ALL PLATFORMS ARE CREATED EQUAL 2 5 4 1 3 MYTH:: All Marketing Automation systems pretty much do the same thing. FACT: There are big differences between many platforms. 15. 15 Major differences to look for: inbound, outbound, SEO, reporting, CRM integration, mobile, ease of use. My first vs. second selection process. NOT ALL PLATFORMS ARE CREATED EQUAL 16. 16 LESSONS LEARNED: PLATFORM DIFFERENCES Outbound is only the tip of the iceberg. Focus on diverse, integrated approaches. Dont overlook mobile friendliness. Empower your team/users in the selection process. Prediction: competitive landscape will get smaller, systems more integrated 17. 17 #4 LOVEABLE IMPERFECTION RULES 18. 18 LOVEABLE IMPERFECTI ON RULES MARKETERS: Its time to let go of perfection. Our new rallying cry is loveable imperfection. Adaptive and iterative over Big Bang. Theres no silver bullet. But many little bronze bullets. Embrace Reporting & Analytics, but dont belabor it 19. 19 LESSONS LEARNED: ABOUT PERFECTION Done is better than perfect. Test, iterate, improve. Try Agile marketing. 20. 20 #5 IT TAKES A VILLAGE 21. 21 MARKETING AUTOMATION IMPLEMENTATIONS = A MAJOR CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROCESS 22. 22 IT TAKES A VILLAGE 2 1 5 3 4 TEAM SKILLSETS The Content Guru The Measurer & Enforcer The Designer The CRM Aligner COMMON ATTRIBUTE: LOVE SALES 23. 23 LESSONS LEARNED: BUILD YOUR VILLAGE Establish an open and transparent environment. Involve all key stakeholders early and often. Ask for their advice/insight. Train and educate. Keep it real (tell stories). 24. 24 QUESTIONS? Tweet: @Jenifer_Kern 25. 25 CURIOUS ABOUT HUBSPOTS MARKETING AUTOMATION SOFTWARE?