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#CPFC13 presentation covering a systematic approach to blog post ideation, structure, SEO, and more.


  • How to Write Insanely Popular Blog Posts A guide to never writing a bad blog post again.
  • Does your blog need more Readership?
  • If your traffic is sputtering , I can help.
  • Crafting killer content requires a system.
  • The best blog posts are Discoverable Desirable & Shareable
  • Traits that Make a Great Blog Post Attractive Title. Coherent Structure. Optimized for Search and the Long Tail. Designed for Social Sharing and Conversion.
  • How to write killer post titles
  • 8 Tips on Writing Killer Post Titles The List based Post The Pop Culture Reference The Illustrated Guide The How-to Post .
  • 8 Tips on Writing Killer Post Titles The Case Study The News Jack The Audience Polarizer The Ego-Bait
  • Lets put this into practice.
  • Examples of Killer Post Titles 10 Ways to Save $100 every Month What Hip-Hop Taught Me about Money Automate your Savings: An Illustrated Guide How to Save $151,355 on your Mortgage
  • Examples of Killer Post Titles How One Reader Reduced His Bills by 33% Why the Fed is Crazy to Keep Rates so Low ETFs are Dead. Long Live ETFs. 2013s Smartest Personal Finance Bloggers
  • That list took me about 10 minutes.
  • Creating the optimal post structure.
  • The 4 Components of Great Blog Posts A Strong Introduction A Compelling Body A Great Conclusion Bonus: A Call to Action
  • How to optimize your content for amazing SEO.
  • Which link would you rather click?
  • An Optimized Blog Post on Google
  • 4 Steps in Optimizing Blogs for SEO Do your Keyword Research Include Keywords in Your Title and Body Copy Create a Short Friendly URL Add ALT Tags to Your Images
  • Write about content your audience wants to read.
  • Mine Google Auto Suggest with UberSuggest.
  • If you use Wordpress
  • DIY SEO ScribeSEO
  • Content + Distribution + SEO can yield some pretty amazing results.
  • Pretty neat right?
  • Thank You. Connect with me: @devbasu