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2. Child marriage child-marriage.html 3. Analysis on 'Interpreter of Maladies' analysis-on-interpreter-of-maladies.html 4. Cinema as an inter-text in 'Midnights Children' by Salman Rushdie cinema-as-inter-text-in-midnights.html 5. 19th Century Language portrayed in Bernard Shaws Plays Pleasant Arms and the Man 19th-century-language-portrayed-in.html 6. Analysis of iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet analysis-of-ipad-and-samsung-galaxy.html 7. Saving the environment saving-environment.html 8. Fifty Shades of Grey followingcommentary-focuses-on-that.html 9. Crime: presentation crime-presentation_29.html 10. France: presentation france-presentation.html 11. Stress: presentation stress-presentation.html 12. Salvador Dali: The Father of Surrealist Art salvador-dali-father-of-surrealist-art.html 13. List of reasons to exercise: why I perform yoga ist-of-reasons-to-exercise-why-i.html 14. Reasons to maintain a nutritious diet reasons-to-maintain-nutritious-diet.html 15. International Humanitarian Law nternational-humanitarian-law_31.html 16. IHL Presentation hl-presentation.html 17. Climate change climate-change.html 18. Is climate change irreversible? s-climate-change-irreversible.html 19. Global Warming global-warming.html 20. Climate change in USA climate-change-in-usa.html 21. Air polluter: Carbon Monoxide air-polluter-carbon-monoxide.html