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Learn how to write an effective blog post for your business


  • 1.Effective Blog Posts by Lorna SixsmithHow to Increase Traffic &Conversions to SalesWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com

2. How to Blog Effectively Content Creation Ideas Headlines that Hook Keyword Research Tool Images Looks count! Remember the Presentation too Importance of Tags & Categories Calls to Action Write on Track http://write-on-track.com 3. Content Creation Ideas Benefits of your product/service How to use your product/service Reviews /comparisons of products Write for the target market Answer questions Tell a story Celebrity link Interviews Guest Posts Write on Track http://write-on-track.com 4. Compelling Titles How To Lists e.g. Ten Tips on ...., 10 Secrets of ..., 7 Ways to...., 5 Nautical Wallpapers ... Rhetorical Questions (address the reader) Keyword First e.g. Wallpaper Wednesday Promises e.g. The Ultimate Guide to ...., Probably thebest ..., The Quickest Way to.. Benefits Use Power Words e.g. Free, fast, howto, learn Part of a Club e.g. Join us for ..., What Everyoneknows abouts .... Write on Track http://write-on-track.com 5. Google Keyword Research Tool Use it to ensure your keywords are beingsearched for See how many people are searching for it Gives you keyword ideas A free and essential tool Where to use KeywordsWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com 6. Keyword Tool Broad Match Write on Track http://write-on-track.com 7. Keyword Tool Exact Match Write on Track http://write-on-track.com 8. Why Images Are Essential First Image above the fold Showcases Breaks up text Visual Interest Explains your post further Makes it relevant Image will be shown whenshared on other platformsWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com 9. Presentation of Your Blog Post Clear Title Images Subheadings Use Bold/italics to highlight Use bullet points Declutter your sidebar Easy to navigate About Us PageWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com 10. Blog Categories SEO Advantages Makes Navigation easier Easy to find in sidebar Max: 5 categories per post RelevanceWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com 11. Blog Tags Tags = Keywords Improve SEO by including Tags in sidebar Tag Cloud Wordpress collates tags Use keyword tool to ensure optimisationWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com 12. Effective Calls to Action Ask for comments / invite interaction / encouragecommunity Ask them to sign up for updates / like yourfacebook page Create a sense of urgency with special offers Tell them what value they will gain Get them to return by hinting at next weekscontent Always try to include a keyword in the hyperlink(rather than click here) Write on Track http://write-on-track.com 13. Other Ways to Grow Your Blog Part of a community Comment on other blogs Promote your blog on otherplatforms e.g. Pinterest Interact with others dontjust self promoteWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com 14. Start Blogging Stop Procrastinating Kill your Inner Blogging Share to all your socialCriticmedia platforms Plan a schedule Ask friends to read your Write down your goals/aimspost Brainstorm some topics Write meaningful Read some articles / blog comments on ten blogsposts on blogging Plan your next blog post Read blog posts in your Enjoytopic areaWrite on Track http://write-on-track.com 15. Lorna Sixsmith Write On Track http://write-on-track.com 086 1051007Write on Track http://write-on-track.com