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Blog Writing

Blog WritingTips for Writing the Best Blog Post Ever

Do: Write a headline with the following 3 thingsCapture/Hook potential readers attentionEntice them to want to read moreConcisely explain what theyll get in return from reading it

Good Example: Why would someone have no friends?If You Dont [Blank] Now, Youll Hate Yourself LaterWant to Be Amazing At [Keyword]? Heres HowWeird Questions Answered

What to do with a Blog Post.1. Write a interesting descriptive headline.

Do:Create remarkable content so people will want to respond or talk about it!

If your content is boring, unhelpful or nothing to write home about, you might need to spice up your writing style or choose a different topic.

2. Have SOMETHING remarkable or helpful to say!

Good Example:Zits: Again, I say normally don't bother; futzing with zits does more harm than good. Everyone who knows and loves you knows and loves your zits. Also, zits need air to heal and dry out. The best you can do for day-to-day blemishes is find a zit zapper that works for you, whether it's heavy duty or an all-over solution. Do: Break Up blocks of text with formatting devices such as headers, bullet points, and images to make your content more pleasing to the eye and easier for readers to consume.

3. Format your blog post in an interesting way! Add images!

You could have expressed some killer ideas, but if you fail to spell-check your blog article you are setting yourself up for a lack of credibility and some nasty comments from your readers! Do: Capitalize your is!!!!Proofread and spell check before publishing

4. Make zero spelling and grammatical errors!

Blog posts can be a great outlet for linking to other content. Improve blogger relations by giving other bloggers content some link love, or increase chances for lead generation by linking to relevant , downloadable content like ebooks and webinars on your own site.

5. Include in-texts links

You dont need to go all term-paper style and add footnotes to your blog, but failing to attribute data or other content sources you cite in your own article is a blogger no-no!

Good Example: Did I mention the title for this blog was inspired by a very popular childrens book?

6. Give credit to your sources!

Do: ensure that each post includes a relevant call-to-action that enables readers to make a change in thinking or behaviour.7. Make a call for action

Do: Change your blog comment settings in Weebly.8. Enable social media sharing links and comments

9. Navigate to your Blog Page and create a new blog post

10. Compose your new blog post. Save to Drafts until you are ready to hand it in.

11. When you are ready to hand it in click on Publish Live

11. When you are ready to hand it in click on Publish Live.Click on the link copy the hyperlink (ctrl c) and submit in Moodle for marking