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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 How to Write an APA Style Bibliography</p><p> 1/4</p><p>How to Write an APA Style Bibliography</p><p>Edited byRandomhistory and 17 others</p><p>A bibliography provides an alphabetized list of all of the sources that were used to create an</p><p>article, and it is a necessary component of any piece of academic research or writing. By citingyour sources at the end of your paper, you are letting your readers know where they can go to</p><p>verify your research or find more information; you are also acknowledging the research and</p><p>ideas of others and protecting yourself from accusations of plagiarism. To compile and write anAPA-style bibliography for your paper or article, you should follow the steps below:</p><p>Edit Steps</p><p>1. 1</p><p>Begin a new page separate from the text for your bibliography or</p><p>reference list. A reference list is different from a bibliography. Find out</p><p>which one you need. The only difference is that a reference list includes what</p><p>you have cited within the text, and sources you have used, but nothing else.</p><p>Any other sources you have read or seen, but later discarded because they</p><p>are irrelevant, outdated, etc., should never be included in a reference list, but</p><p>can be included in the bibliography.</p><p>2. 2</p><p>Create an alphabetized list of your sources based upon the authorslast name. If the source you are using contains two or more authors, use the</p><p>last name of the author listed first on the title page. According to the 2010</p><p>APA manula, For up to 7 authors names list them all. For 8 or more, list the</p><p>first 6 followed by a comma, an ellipsis or 3 periods then the last author's</p><p>name. If a book is edited and there is no author named, type the editor's</p><p>name followed by (Ed.). If your source does not list an author, use the first</p><p>word of the title to alphabetize the work.</p><p>3. 3</p><p>For each source, list the authors last name and first initials, with a</p><p>comma separating the names and initials and periods after the</p><p>initials. APA calls for initials only to reduce bias. Ex. Smith, M.A.</p><p>4. 4</p>;action=credits;action=edit&amp;section=1;action=credits;action=edit&amp;section=1</li><li><p>8/3/2019 How to Write an APA Style Bibliography</p><p> 2/4</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 How to Write an APA Style Bibliography</p><p> 3/4</p><p>Oregon State University Soil Ecology Center (1982).A directory of Community</p><p>Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms. Columbus, OH: Natural Resources Institute.</p><p>Book Chapter</p><p>Tizol, W.P. (1976). Brain function and memory. In J.M.O. Corney &amp; H.L. Center (Eds.),Aninside look at what we think we know. (pp. 154-184). Springfield, IL: American</p><p>Psychiatric Press.</p><p>Journal Article</p><p>Bauz, R.H. (1982). Manitoba nematodes.Journal of Cool Nematodes, 10, 252-264.</p><p>Gillespie, R.C., &amp; Tupac, R.M. (1976). How confident people dance.American Dancing,</p><p>225, 82-90.</p><p>The lamb business. (1992, September 11). Willamette Valley Lamb, 97, 47-48.</p><p>Magazine Article</p><p>Pozo, E. R. (2008, November 19). The way she loved me. Personal Literature, 290, 1113-</p><p>1120.</p><p>Encyclopedia Article</p><p>Parker, S.A. (1947). Fetal development. In International encyclopedia of pregnancy(Vol.</p><p>7, pp. 202-207). New York: Aesculapius Publishers.</p><p>Newspaper Article</p><p>Amazing women. (1955, January 12). The Journal News, pp. D11, D14.</p><p>Electronic Journal Article From a Database</p><p>Tjader, J.W., Coltrane, J.A., &amp; Taylor, A.A. (1995). A history of mockery.American</p><p>Psychologist, 50, 750-765. Retrieved from PsycINFO database.</p><p>Electronic Journal Article (print version)</p><p>Rodriguez, G., Puente, S., &amp; Mayfield , J. (2001). Role of upbringing in family attitudes.</p><p>[Electronic version].Journal of Family Research, 5, 117-123.</p><p>Website</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 How to Write an APA Style Bibliography</p><p> 4/4</p><p>Summers, M. (2007) Cool scenes. Retrieved August 27, 2007, from</p><p></p></li></ul>