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  • 1. How to write a paper in APA stylePrepared using MS. Power Point andMS. Word 2007 Presented by John

2. Step 1: Research First part of the writing process is to choose atopic Research on the topic noting down the bestsources Write a draft paper noting down the source ofinformation and page numbers Write your final paper using your draft paper 3. 2. Formating in APA 4. Formating in APA cont Assuming your paper is as shown 5. Add page numbers 6. Click on the first line of the paper andinsert page break: 7. Formatting the title page Add the following details to the first page Topic Your name: Your Instructors name: Your institution: The date 8. Select the first page text and center align 9. The Running Head 10. Change the design of header 11. The body part Indent each first line in each paragraph 12. Reference page 13. Spell check, proofread and save your paper Spell check Proof read Check that your references conform to APAwriting styles Save your paper Thank you For more visit: