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  • 1. How to make aProper PowerPoint
  • 2. Bullets BAD Dont place your bullets on this side Dont Put Lots Of Small bulleted Points In one Big List And be consistent.Dont overload one bullet point with a lot ofinformation, you want spacing to be consistent and not look like likenonsense
  • 3. Bullets GOOD Neatly organize your bullets Justify them on the left side Make sure size is consistent and large Use concise wording Bullets are key words elaborated upon byspeaker
  • 4. Background BAD A chaotic background takes away from yourmessage
  • 5. Background GOOD Backgrounds should be simple Backgrounds should not be distracting
  • 6. Contrast BAD Writing with two like colors is bad It makes your slides hard to read
  • 7. Contrast GOOD Colors should be opposites Background dark=light writing Dark writing = light background
  • 8. Graphics BADToo many graphics makes yourpresentation less effective
  • 9. Graphics GOOD Graphics should be well chosen They should support your points Graphics should be on the right when possible Koalas are very cute but they are very lazy
  • 10. Rule of Four BAD Do No List A Ton Of Things People Can Only Remember About 4 Things At A time
  • 11. Rule of Four GOOD People can only remember so much Grouping in 4s is a good way to avoidoverload The rule of four sets good guideline Elaboration should be done by speaker, not onthe slide
  • 12. Proximity BADRemember:Viewersgroupelementsintounits,whichtheycanattendto andrememberWords that move together areunderstood to belong togetherLabels that are closer toobject are seen asbelonging togetherBaby Koalas hang out in the pouch until theycan hold on!Baby and Momma Koalashare kisses!
  • 13. Proximity GOOD Remember: Viewers groupelements into units, whichthey can attend to andremember Labels that are closer toobject are seen asbelonging togetherWords that movetogether areunderstoodto belong togetherWord Pile
  • 14. FoNTsBAD Only Use a FewFonts Gimmicky fonts are no goodDontuse too many different Sizes WHEN YOU USE ALL CAPS IT LOOKS LIKEYOURE YELLING!!!!
  • 15. Fonts Good Employ only a few - stick to familiar fonts Stay away from gimmicky fonts unless for a theme Keep type sizes consistent Stay away from all capital letters
  • 16. Rainbows are beautiful Rainbows appear after rain showers Rain drops split light into the 7 colors of whitelight spectrum We see this splitting of colors as a