How to Use Experts to Make Your Point

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How to use experts to explain your position and add credibility to your sales presentation


<p>A Trial Lawyers Negotiation Secrets!</p> <p>HOW TO USE EXPERTSTO MAKE YOUR POINT(New Trial Lawyer Tip)3 decades of Tips and approaches!</p> <p>Jon Mitchell JacksonMitchJackson.com800.661.7044communication tipsGood trial lawyers hireExperts to help them wincases. You should Too!MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsFirst lets talk about how experts help lawyers inside the courtroom. Once done, well move outside to the business world.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsInside the courtroomMitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsWhen Im standing in front of a jury and arguing my case, the jury knows that Im biased and there to win for my client.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsThey know Im a paid advocate. They feel the same way about the other lawyers in the case.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsMost jurors take what lawyers have to say with a grain of salt.( not me but most other lawyers )MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsSo how do lawyers deal with these very real issues?MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipswe bring independent experts into the courtroom to explain a concept or money damages to the jury.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsthe end result is that the message comes from this credible third party resource, not the lawyer.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsIf done correctly, jurors appreciate that the expert doesnt have a dog in the fight and is simply sharing his opinions.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsGood experts gain the respect and trust of the jury almost immediately.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsThese independent third party experts are key to lawyers and clients winning cases.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsBut guess what? Truth be told, theres absolutely nothing independent about these hired guns.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsBefore trial, the plaintiff and defendant each hire their own experts.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsThe experts are being paid by a particular party to help that party win the case.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsNow having said that, the best experts will testify as to what they truly believe in.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsJust because they are being paid by one lawyer or another does not interfere with the expert opinion they give in a court of law.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsOutside the CourtroomMitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsIn the business world, it blows me away how many ineffective negotiations or presentations take place because an expert was not used.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsThink about this for a moment. If youre selling a product or service designed to make your customer more efficient and increase revenuesMitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipswhy not bring one or more experts into the presentation to help make your point.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsThe first expert might explain how your technology will eliminate unnecessary steps and reduce wasting resources.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsThe second expert may focus on forecasting increased profits beginning from a point in time 5 years past to 10 years in the future.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsDiagrams and videos prepared and used by the experts might also compliment your presentation.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsWith the proper use of experts, youll be able to more effectively influence your audience.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsFor those of you worried about the added expense of hiring expertsMitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsI can report to you that without exception...MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsthe added value has always substantially outweighed the additional costs.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsAfter all, if you want to make a million dollar sale, then you need to make a million dollar presentation!MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsOne word of cautionMitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsalways make sure your expert has a good reputation and impeccable credentials.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsin most instances, a good lawyer will never consider trying a case without one or more experts to share expert opinions.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsOutside the courtroom, you should think about doing the same.MitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p> <p>communication tipsTrial lawyer communicationtips for everyone!Mitchjackson.comMitchJackson.com800.661.7044</p>