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A few simple tips to make your power point presentation more effictive.


  • 1. A few simple tips for making your Power Point presentation more effective.


  • The first thing to do when designing a Power Point presentation is to make sure the design works.
  • Use colors that are easily contrasted and easy on the eyes.
  • Use a simple layout that is not confusing.


  • Make sure words used are geared toward target audience.
  • Exp. Do not use large words when giving a presentation to second graders.
  • Exp. Do not use word that are too simple when presenting to a older or career audience.


  • Do not write a novel on one slide, spread out the information to several easy to read slides.
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • People get easily lost or bored with an overload of information.


  • When using pictures or graphs, use only what is necessary.
  • Do not over decorate your Power Point Presentation.
  • Too many pictures or graphs will be distracting.


  • Look over your Power Point presentation several times.
  • Look for spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Make sure all your statements make sense and are in the correct order.


  • Before you present, be sure to try it out on a large projector first.
  • Make sure it isnt blurry, or that the text is not too big or too small.


  • Remember that the Power Point is just a tool, you are the focal point of the presentation.
  • Use the simple phases on the Power Point to help guide you through the presentation, then elaborate on them.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Do not hide behind the Power Point, you are the one presenting.


  • When using Power Point in the classroom, remember your target audience.
  • Do not use terms or pictures that are distracting to that particular age group.
  • Use Power Point only when necessary for the betterment of your lesson. Overuse of Power Point leads to boredom, which contradicts the purpose of Power Point.