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Weight loss myths are so many in numbers that it has become difficult to separate fact from fiction. This presentation lists the top ten weight loss myths and the truth about each of them.


<ul><li> 1. WEIGHT LOSS MYTHSDEMYSTIFIED1 WhatsUpMarkets.com</li></ul> <p> 2. WEIGHT LOSS MYTHSDEMYSTIFIEDWeight loss myths are so many in numbers that ithas become difficult to separate fact from fiction.This article lists the top ten weight loss myths andthe truth about each of them.2 WhatsUpMarkets.com 3. Weight loss myth 1: Skipping mealshelps you lose weightThis is one of the most common weight loss myths. Peoplewho think its true and actually follow it are in reality moreprone to gaining weight. Skipping meals can causetiredness and low nutrition. It can cause hunger pangsand cause snacking on high-fat, high-sugar foods. So, thenext time you set yourself a weight loss challenge, makesure you eat three square meals each day.3 WhatsUpMarkets.com 4. Weight loss myth 2: Carbohydratescause weight gainThere are two main types of carbohydratessimple andcomplex. Foods that are rich in complex carbohydrateslike whole grains, fruits and vegetablesare healthy andare actually part of the bodys main source of fuel forenergy. However, the simple forms, which include foodslike sweetened desserts and even alcohol, have lots ofcalories. So, if you choose a low-carbohydrate diet foryour weight loss plan, make sure its just the simplecarbohydrates which are actually lowered.4 WhatsUpMarkets.com 5. Weight loss myth 3: Excessiveexercise triggers weight lossIts the total amount of time spent for exercise thatcounts.30-60 min of exercise each day coupled withproper caloric intake will help you shed those poundsfast. But you don't have to get that 60 minutes of activityall at one time. Putting in a few 15-minute bouts ofphysical activity throughout the day will work just fine.5 WhatsUpMarkets.com 6. Weight loss myth 4: Doing sit-upsand leg-lifts is the only way to getslim thighs and a flat stomachTrying to lose weight from one particular area by doingtargeted exercise doesnt work. You can only tone andstrength muscles in specific areas. Weight loss can beachieved by loss from the total fat reserves of the body.Cardio exercises, like walking, jogging, cycling, oraerobics are the best way to burn this fat. So, the bottomline is: If you want to burn fat from around your middle,take a brisk 20-minute rather than doing 100 sit-ups.6 WhatsUpMarkets.com 7. Weight loss myth 5: Drinking watercan make you lose weightWater cannot flush fat form the body, but it does keepyou hydrated and might help you snack less. Water isessential for good health and wellbeing. Sometimesthirst can be mistaken for hunger if you're thirsty youmay snack more. 1.2 liters of water is recommendedeach day for good health. So, drink lots and lots ofwater.7 WhatsUpMarkets.com 8. Weight loss myth 6: Eating a latenight snack makes you fatIt can actually be helpful to have a small snack at night,especially if it has been three or four hours since dinner.A snack can help stabilize blood sugars, aid musclerecovery, and help you achieve your total caloric intakefor the day. Don't be afraid to eat at nightbut be awareof what and how much you're eating.8 WhatsUpMarkets.com 9. Weight loss myth 7: Diet pills will helpto keep to keep the weight offpermanentlyDiet pills should only be used when prescribed by adoctor. Even then, using these pills alone isnt effective forlosing and maintaining your weight. A proper intake ofcalories combined with daily exercise is also necessary.9 WhatsUpMarkets.com 10. Weight loss myth 8: Cutting out allsnacks can help you lose weightSnacking isnt the problem, what you snack on is. Lots ofpeople need to eat something between meals, especiallyif they lead a high energy lifestyle. So, when you feel likesnacking, reach for some fruits and vegetables instead ofthose cookies or chips, which are high in sugars andsaturated fats.10 WhatsUpMarkets.com 11. Weight loss myth 9: Healthy foodsare more expensiveThis is not necessarily true. One single high fat meal in arestaurant can cost more than if you buy the freshingredients and make something yourself at home. Theingredients can be used multiple times and thus, providemore value for your money.11 WhatsUpMarkets.com 12. Weight loss myth 10: Weight loss isalways good, no matter how youachieve itSome diets can strain the heart, cause gallstones, anddisturb your metabolism. Its better to adopt a healthydiet and exercise program and lose weight steadilyexperts generally recommend a pound a weekthan tocrash diet and shed tons of weight, only to rapidly gain itback. Too much weight loss in too less time can be anindication of a serious disorder like anorexia or bulimia.12 WhatsUpMarkets.com 13. ConclusionIf you feel as though you are working hard to lose weightbut cant seem to get out of a rut, it may be time to re-examineyour habits. Make sure you havent fallen prey toany of the weight loss myths mentioned above. Focus onthe quality of your calories, exercise moderately each day,begin weekly weigh-ins, and set reasonably high goals inorder to kick-start your weight losses again. Kick thoseweight loss myths out of your plans and see thedifference!13 WhatsUpMarkets.com 14. WEIGHT LOSS MYTHS DEMYSTIFIEDSources Original Article | WhatsUp Markets -http://www.whatsupmarkets.com/weight-loss-myths-demystified/ CNN - http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/01/health/wrong-weight-loss-myths Weight-control Information Network -http://win.niddk.nih.gov/publications/myths.htm Daily Mail Online - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3019/Diet-myths-facts.htmlShare &amp; Keep in Touch!14 WhatsUpMarkets.com </p>