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Creating a Facebook Page

Personal Facebook vs Facebook PagePersonal AccountOnly for personal useUse to interact with family, friends and acquaintances.Limited number of friends to interact withPageCan be use for business purposesInteract with people with the same interestsUnlimited number of people can like the page


Why Create a Page?

Creates Business OpportunityConnect to large number of potential costumersHelps in promoting a businessIncrease exposure and popularity

How to create a Facebook Page ?

Go to Facebook page page type Local business or PlaceCompany, Organization or InstitutionBrand or ProductEntertainment


Artist, Band or Public FigureCause or CommunityChoose page type

Fill-up InformationCategory InfoPage NameDescriptionWebsiteCustom web addressAdd Profile and Cover Photo

How to Manage a Facebook Page

Admin Assigned Page Roles :

Admin Panel OverviewNotifications shows who Likes and interact in your page or content.Insights gives information about the activities in your page since it was launchedMessages shows private messages from people who follows your pagePage Tips gives link to Facebooks internal marketing suite.

Posting TipsBe consistent consistency in your facebook presence and posting is vital to the growth of your page.Post little but often excessive posting in facebook will not give positive feedback from your followers. And facebook may mark your content as spam.Consider timing In order to reach large number of people, you need to post your contents when the most users are online.

Benefits of creating a Facebook PageAbsolutely FREE!Effective medium in advertising a businessInstantly reach a large number of targeted audienceProvides marketing and administration toolsIncreased exposure to potential customersCost-effective marketingProvides Facebook Insights which is useful for businessesBoost SEO

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