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Set up your own Facebook Page


  • 1. Tutorial:How to create your ownFacebook Fan Page

2. Click the arrow down button that can be found on the top right cornerof your Facebook and select Create Page. 3. Select Company, Organization or Institution. 4. Select Company. 5. Use Infinity Supreme Alliance ISA by *your full name* as yourFacebook Fan Page name.Lets avoid using code names on this. Make sure your page looksprofessional enough for your prospects to see. 6. Put a relevant description on your Facebook Page. Make sure to use as your website. Use /ISAby*yourname* as your Facebook Page web address. 7. As much as possible, use your own picture (with ISA logo & TeamSWAptimizer logo) 8. Add your page to Favorites so you may easily access your page whenyoure on your Facebook Homepage. 9. This is how it will look like 10. Tadaaaa! You now have your own Facebook Page!