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A four-slide presentation explaining how HubSpot uses social media, specifically Facebook and LinkedIn


  • 1. Social Media in Real Life Mass Technology Leadership Council November 13, 2009 Rick Burnes HubSpot Marketing Manager Twitter: @rickburnes

2. Whos HubSpot? Founded in July 2006 from research at MIT Cambridge, MA 2,000+ customers, 100+ employees (10 marketers) 2 3. How HubSpot Does Inbound MarketingProcess Website Visitors Tools Get FoundGet Found Publish Content Mgmt Promote Blogging Optimize Social Media SEOLeads AnalyticsConvertConvert Test Offers / CTAs Landing Pages Target Email Nurture Lead Intelligence Lead Mgmt AnalyticsCustomers 3 4. How HubSpot Markets With Facebook Wall PostsMessages (via group) Updates Listening, Reach, Nurturing4 5. How HubSpot Markets With LinkedIn Answers Groups Listening, Reach, Nurturing5