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  • 1. 174M+ members worldwide are on LinkedIn.SOURCE: COMSCORE

2. +2 new members join LinkedIn every second.SOURCE: COMSCORE 2 3. How to MasterLINKEDIN for Marketing Session 2: How to Use LinkedIn Ads to Drive Leads & Customers#MasterLinkedIn 3 4. Your Presenters:Scott Engelman Director of Online Marketing @LinkedInMike Volpe CMO @HubSpot 4 5. Agenda1Why Use LinkedIn Ads?2How to Create and Manage Campaigns3How to Write Effective LinkedIn Ads4What Happens After the Click?5Tracking, Closed Loop & Nurturing 5 6. WHY USE LINKEDIN ADS? 7. 1Premium Audience4 5 OUT OFof LinkedIn members drive business decisions59%of members are managers or senior-level executives7 8. 2Performance Based SolutionCPCORCPM3 Only pay when you receive clicks or impressions8 9. 3Ads on High Traffic Pages: Homepage9 10. 3Ads on High Traffic Pages: Profile Page10 11. 3Ads on High Traffic Pages: Groups11 12. 43Precision Targeting 13. More Engaged B2B Audience13 14. HubSpots Experience with LinkedIn Ads14 15. HubSpots Experience with LinkedIn Ads CHALLENGES Reach professional audience in specific industries, companies & jobsSOLUTION Launch self-service LinkedIn Ads CampaignsDevelop highly targeted campaignsIncrease quality of leadsDrive activity to lead generation materialsOffer free educational materials to prospectsImprove CPC ratesTest and adjust campaigns to improve results in real time 15 16. HubSpots Experience with LinkedIn AdsRESULTS CTRs of 1% to 3%(60% higher than other social networks) Average CPC of $3(lower than other channels for targeted categories) Higher-quality leads that convert faster Valuable insights on prospect behavior 16 17. LinkedIn gives us the unique ability to tailor messaging and target the exact audience segment that we need.Dan Slagen Head of Paid Marketing, HubSpot 17 18. How to Create & Manage Campaigns 19. Before You Even Start, Plan AccordinglySet your goalsDefine your budgetsBuild your test planForecast Results19 20. Campaign Creation ProcessCreate a New Ad Campaign Start by creating a new ad campaign.1 CAMPAIGN CREATION20 21. Create a New Ad Campaign21 22. Naming Convention Best Practices22 23. Name campaignSelect destination23 24. Campaign Creation ProcessCreate a New Ad Campaign Start by creating a new ad campaign.Targeting1 CAMPAIGN CREATIONDefine your target persona.224 25. Campaign Targeting25 26. Campaign Targeting 27. Precise TargetingGEOGRAPHYCompanies by Name or Category27 28. Precise Targeting Jobs by Title or Function/ SenioritySchoolsSkillsGroups28 29. Campaign Creation ProcessCreate a New Ad Campaign Start by creating a new ad campaign.CAMPAIGN CREATIONCampaign OptionsTargeting1Define your target persona.23Setting budget & time period. 29 30. Campaign Options30 31. Campaign Options31 32. What is Lead Collection?32 33. HOW TO WRITE EFFECTIVE LINKEDIN ADS 34. Ad Creative Best Practices1Include an image2Use a CTA, such as download or sign up3Speak directly to your target audience4Create 3-4 variations of your ad per campaign 34 35. Ad Creative Best Practices5Make sure text is concise and easy to read6List benefits of clicking the ad7Rotate new creative at least once a month35 36. Consistent Messaging Based on Targeting36 37. Best PracticesAlways be sure to include an OFFER, the VALUE of clicking your ad and aCALL-TO-ACTION.37 38. Example: Best PracticesEFFECTIVE AD: Headline draws attention of target customer Description is clear Strong offer38 39. Example: Best PracticesLESS EFFECTIVE AD: Headline too generic Image not relevant to product offered39 40. More Examples of Effective Ads40 41. Optimize Campaigns Towards CTR41 42. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THE CLICK 43. Creating a LinkedIn campaign is relatively easy, its what happens after the click that truly matters.Dan Slagen Head of Paid Marketing, HubSpot 43 44. Consistent Messaging & User Experience44 45. What Response Mechanisms Are You Offering?phone FormClick to chatemailSchedule a meetingSocial media Skype 45 46. Landing Pages & Tracking46 47. Landing Pages & Tracking47 48. TRACKING, CLOSED-LOOP ANALYTICS & NURTURING 49. Zoom In on the Desired Source: Paid49 50. Dig into Paid Leads 51. Find Who Your Paid Leads Truly Are Lead came from LinkedIn Ads Campaign 52. Closed Loop CRM IntegrationSocial Link Building ebookSocial Link Building ebook 53. Push New Leads Down the Sales Funnel Use lead nurturing to further qualify leads.Landing pageLead nurturing email53 54. Notify Sales After Action Was Taken If your contact was interested in getting more product information, this is a warm lead.Andy@hubspot.com54 55. Search Engine Optimization Blogging & Social Media Lead GenerationLead Management Email & Automation Marketing Analytics 56. 32000 7daysinbound marketing professionalslearning tracks50+ 6 breakout sessionsinspiring keynotes15small group workshopsREGISTER TODAY! www.InboundConference.comwww.InboundConference.com0reasons not to GO! 57. THANK YOU. 57 58. Next Session!Thursday, September 27thFor more resources, visit