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HOMELESSNESS: a national overviewwww.homeless.org.uk

Lets end homelessness togetherHealth and Wellbeing Board Stakeholder Network1

#1: Understanding homelessnessHOMELESSNESS IN 2O14 32% of public have experienced homelessness or know someone who has. (* including sofa surfing, staying with friends) Statutory homelessness (including those in temporary accommodation) Non-statutory or single homelessness But the full picture is much more complex:Rough sleepingHidden homelessness (sofa surfing, squats)People in unsuitable accommodation (eg overcrowding)www.homeless.org.ukLets end homelessness together14% experienced it themselves, 20% someone they know, 2% bothend of Q2 2014 was 59,710254,000 concealed households2

#2: Statutory homelessness trendsHOMELESSNESS IN 2O14www.homeless.org.ukLets end homelessness together

HOMELESSNESS IN 2O14www.homeless.org.ukLets end homelessness together

HOMELESSNESS IN 2O14www.homeless.org.ukLets end homelessness togetherReason for losing last settled home

#3: Changing trends in single homelessnessHOMELESSNESS IN 2O14Lets end homelessness together

www.homeless.org.ukRough sleeping:

2,414 people sleeping rough on any given night in 2013 (up 5% from 2012, 11% from 2011, and 37% from 2010)

206 in East Midlands, up from 137 in 2012

Support provided to homeless peopleHOMELESSNESS IN 2O14Lets end homelessness together


More than a roof:Holistic support to help people with the other aspects of their lives training, health, social networksWorking in partnerships across health, criminal justice, employment support, financial inclusionMoving-on and sustainable tenancies

Trends over 2013/14HOMELESSNESS IN 2O14Lets end homelessness together

www.homeless.org.ukSingle homeless people's needs are becoming more complexServices unable to cope with demand and level of people's needs (74% have had to refuse access on this basis)Access of external services (particularly mental health) can be problematic Services reducing numbers of frontline staff Impact of welfare reform creating new demands and needs from clients. BUT new innovations, service models and partnershipsMost common reasons for advice at Day centres:71% benefits suspended and not clear why70% change to assessment when previously sick/disabled69% sanctions


HOMELESSNESS IN 2O14Lets end homelessness togetherwww.homeless.org.uk

Barriers to tackling homelessnessHOMELESSNESS IN 2O14Lets end homelessness togetherwww.homeless.org.ukAffordable, quality housing optionsAccess into the PRS Nearly a third of people in hostels are ready to move on, but nowhere to go Availability under LHA rates

Disinvestment in services for homeless people. Since 2010:4,000 fewer bedspaces16% fewer full time staff133 services closed

Impact of welfare reform, eg1 in 3 homeless people on JSA have been sanctionedChanging entitlements for migrants

HOMELESSNESS IN 2O14Lets end homelessness together

www.homeless.org.ukDevelopments at a national levelNew investment and learning from these approachesFair Chance Fund, Hospital DischargeNo Second Night Out roll out

Care Act: a focus on prevention, integration, housing as part of wellbeing:What will the implications be for homelessness?

PHE workstream on housing and homelessness Prevention reviewLooking at integrated approaches to improve the health of the poorest, the fastest

Cross-government strategy: Ministerial Working Group on Homelessness11

HOMELESSNESS IN 2O14Lets end homelessness together

www.homeless.org.ukSome of the OpportunitiesPaying it Forward: investing in services which prevent and address homelessness - and the costs associated with it

Joining up responses nationally and locally: homelessness is not a single issueThe MEAM approachIncluding single homelessness in the JSNA

Developing new models of supportHousing FirstShared housing options for young people

Improving opportunities for work: access to employment and a strong safety net for those not able to work

Contact:helen.mathie@homelesslink.org.ukThank you - any questions?Please visit our website and join our members help end homelessness.www.homeless.org.ukLets end homelessness together


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