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Photos of homelessness in Philadelphia


  • 1. View of Philadelphia at night. The Comcast Center is Philadelphias tallest building(Lisa Jones/Full Sail University).

2. Kyriq Medeiras sells the local paper, One Step Away at the corner of Walnut and18th Street (Lisa Jones/Full Sail University). 3. Medeiras believes that by selling the paper, One Step Away will bringawareness to homelessness (Lisa Jones/Full Sail University). 4. A family homeless shelter ran by the Salvation Army off of Broad Street(Lisa Jones/Full Sail University. 5. A mural of helping the homeless on the side of the homeless shelter(Lisa Jones/Full Sail University). 6. The homeless getting ready for the night on the steps of the Church of Saint Peterand Paul in Logan Square (Lisa Jones/Full Sail University). 7. View of City Hall through the Swann Memorial Fountain at Logan Square. The homeless oftenhangs out between the two areas as it is known for being one of Philadelphias richest zip codes(Lisa Jones/Full Sail University). 8. The homeless camping out for the night in Logan Square which is home to the Philadelphia FreeLibrary and Franklin Institute (Lisa Jones/Full Sail University). 9. The Swann Memorial Fountain with a view of the Four Seasons Hotel in Logan Square.(Lisa Jones/Full Sail University).