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  • 1.History Of Louis Vuitton Bags For SaleDo you know History Of Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale? today, i will tell you.Louis Vuitton and a hot air balloonSince the establishment of the brand in 1854, Louis Vuitton has always been with the traveland cultural development line accompanied the sake of the Industrial Revolution in the 19thcentury and 20th century cross soil, all kinds of transport rapid development. The hot airballoon is popular stylish traffic beginning one.Boarded a huge hot-air balloon, and floated into the sky. Mr. Vernes novel "Around theWorld in 80 Days" magical presentation. Vast land, wonderful suspended across mountainsand rivers, it seems that every hot-air balloon can lead mysterious place we go unknown.As early as in the late 19th century, Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale had designed for a hot airballoon trip famous "aero trunk more confirmed with the stillness of the spirit of adventuretravel. Lightweight wood boxes of material selection, to ensure maximum travelers carry theirbelongings without adding any extra weight.The hot air balloon also become a symbol of the spirit of Louis Vuitton travel, the uncertaintyof it to their destinations more to play the ultimate significance of the journey - to explore thewonderful journey is the travel real significance. 2010 seems a huge hot air balloon floating inthe exhibition visitors from reality, and immediately taken to the magical fantasy worldpresented in the exhibition of the National Museum of China Louis Vuitton Art CosmicVoyage.Louis Vuitton cour carreeThe the Atrium Plaza cour carree in the Louvre is Louis Vuitton held fixed venue of theannual Women series released, the release of the 10-game womens series has beensuccessfully held for each day the curtain call of the Paris Fashion intense Louis VuittonTeng color. Marc Jacobs and his creative team, the annual show creativity has also becomeone of the biggest highlight of the fashion week. The fountain of the streets of Paris, a fairytale of the merry-go-round, full of mysterious "Midnight Watchmen" hotel, or steam-filledluxury train platforms, and then came a bright and concise Plaid escalators this stylishjourney will continue.Louis Vuitton and the LouvreLandmark Paris Louvre was an expensive Binyoujinni Queens residence of Mr. Louis VuittonBags For Sale. When packing Mr. Louis Vuitton walk past two years, the time came to Paristo become an apprentice, he has grown to become a well packed luggage and designer.

2. Long after, You Jinni Queen as a VIP, but also his horses Mr. Louis Vuitton career to a newstage. You Jinni Queen suitcase reflect the extraordinary craftsmanship and innovativeconcepts. For example, using the flat-top design alternative to popular dome suitcase, travelfrom this can carry more favorite objects, while the high quality of craftsmanship letting LouisVuitton suitcase from travel fatigue damage. In addition, the Louvre distance of Louis Vuitton,the world headquarters building in Paris Newbridge only one hundred meters away.Louis Vuitton and Literature Linvitation au voyage - journey about the name of the movie from the famous French poetcharles baudelaire poetry depicting the joy of the journey.Louis Vuitton started since 1994 in cooperation with the famous writer published travelliterary journal: Lawrence Dreyer (Lawrence Durrell), Anne Marie (AnnemarieSchwarzenbach), Marguerite Duras (Marguerite Duras), Michel Tournier (Michel Tournier),Margaret You Sena (Marguerite Yourcenar), Georges Simenon, Georges Simenon, HenryJames (Henry James), Ma Sale Proust (Marcel Proust), Blaise Cendrars (Blaise Cendrars),Virginia Woolf (Virginia Woolf).Books has always occupied a major position in the history of Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton, thefounders grandson Gaston - Louis Vuitton (Gaston-Louis Vuitton) (1883-1970) is the artisticand literary books aficionados. He founded three Publishing Company, with contemporariespublishers, illustrators and writers. Countless writers, such as Ernest Hemingway (ErnestHemingway) and Georges Simenon Georges Simenon, they are ordered book box andtyping chassis brand loyal customers. Since its opening in 1914, the house of Louis Vuittonon the Champs Elysees has been to provide customers with a comfortable space for readingand writing. Have reservations about this tradition is still the home of Louis Vuitton in Paris,Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Rome, in these places, the Louis Vuittonbookstore offers a carefully selected range of art, fashion, design, and Travel books.Louis Vuitton ParisParis, world-famous Huadu several centuries seclusion with countless secrets cities. Thebirthplace of Louis Vuitton, is also the romantic capital of the world. Almost never changedurban pattern seemed destined story annihilation which have occurred in this city. Lewismovie running in the empty city streets, journey of explorers unknown.Whether it is the financial capital or cultural center, corner of every city that may occuradventure Louis Vuitton City Guide series to share with you the passion for travel and citylife. Since 1998, the series contains thousands of destinations and show the soul of eachcity. Louis Vuitton City Guide has invited a team of talented journalists and writers, theyshake the changes in the urban soul to make nuanced reported, given an objective andimpartial appraisal for fashion, design, art and cuisine. 3. ParisEach year, "Louis Vuitton Outlet Shop Guide Paris branch will re-introduce about 600destinations, they are this extraordinary honor lies. New establishments, wonderful for thefashion hotspot, gourmet resort as well as personal recommendation: the 2013 version tellsthe per share impact of the new trend of the city. This guide also introduces Location:forgotten or little-known five-star hotels, local restaurants, Performances of young chef orpastry chef restaurants, fashion, chocolate, art, books, and interior decoration shops, ArtistsHouse, strange Museum. Containing a concise map and detailed information in this guide fortravelers and intrepid city dwellers uncover the secrets of the cityLouis Vuitton SpeedyFrom the classic Monogram Monogram Empreinte canvas to calfskin material ... under theguidance of the Speedy handbags Louis Vuitton have gone through a brief but remarkablejourney. Speedy 25 handbag is the most compact of the series, and recently added apractical shoulder strap, and more being introduced now in the the Monogram Empreintestamping calfskin series, highlighting the tradition of the Louis Vuitton brand and topcraftsmanship .Speedy advent of new exhibit Monogram Empreinte series rolled into one classic, modern,young attitude and cross-age fashionable qualities as a full of originality and essence ofintegration into a masterpiece. While retaining the iconic appearance, Speedy 25 shoulderstrap handbags absorb some typical details of Monogram Empreinte series: especially theunique zipper handle as well as the atmosphere of the Golden brass rivets known. Visualpetite and enrich the actual internal space usage varied and full of fashionable, this bag cancarry a different way: You can use an adjustable length removable shoulder strap casuallyslung, elegant shoulder straight back guidance and help with the classic rounded Toronhandle, or a leisurely ride in the elbow.Colored dreamThe original four colors the Monogram Empreinte stamping calfskin series: the deep expanseBlue Infini, which opened orange Orient, purple Aube, and attractive purple Aurore. On thisbasis, Speedy 25 Shoulder Strap paragraph added the fifth new colors: Brown Terre: low-keybut highly differentiated, alluding to the history of the brand Louis Vuitton. So that when theworld is hard to imagine this classic classic was not always known as Speedy. As early asthe 1930s, the advent of this package is the first named Express (Express), designed toreflect the people of that era quest for newer, faster way to travel. Had at one stage, this bagis called "Will within (Vernet), taken from the Louis Vuitton himself living pavilion where thestreet names. These aliases are not and the Speedy now all over the world are familiar withthe name. 4. The immortality celebrity hosts classics packSpeedy 25 handbag tradition for some fascinating historical story. As early as in 1965, as theLouis Vuittonwww.luxtall.com brand loyal old customers the shadow Houaodaili Hepburn,commissioned by Henry Louis Vuitton custom-made compact version of a Speedy handbag.Since then, Speedy 25 has become the most fashion taste after the long shadow companion,and sought after by numerous contestants were later favored.Louis Vuitton with hard box keysSince the establishment of the brand in 1854, Louis Vuitton Outlet Online has always beenwith the travel and cultural development line accompanied the sake of the IndustrialRevolution in the 19th century and 20th century cross soil, all kinds of transport rapiddevelopment. Louis Vuitton has always times create amazing invention and innovation. LouisVuitton and the descendants of a very strong interest in the development of the worldsadvanced things as well as transport, science and technology, architecture, art and fashion,observant of the world of things. One revolutionary invention, subsequently all luggage brandproduction are installed when the number of George Vuitton in charge of the company duringthe launch in 1890 "unpickable" multi-tumbler lock, this lock design; each guest allocatedprivate lock number, guests of all luggage can be the same key switch. This system hasbeen in use ever since.