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1. Presented by Group5:Daniel HuanteHenry LiuLauren WongRussell LingGuangzhou/Canton (2nd Half) 2. Sun Yat-sen University,originally known asGuangdong University, wasfounded in 1924 by Dr.Sun Yat-sen, a greatdemocratic revolutionary heroof the 20thcentury. The university is oneof the top rankeduniversities in the People'sRepublic of China. 3. Shudan, a Teochew studentfrom Sun Yat-Sen University,as well as a new friend, givesa brief description of how inthe last three decades,Guangdong province is thesite of one of the largestmigrations of people in theworld as Chinese from otherprovince migrate to the area,while on our tour around theUniversitys campus. 4. ---, our tour guide aroundSYSU campus, briefly explainsSun Yat-Sen University beinga name-brand institution ofhigher education with finetraditions in teaching andlearning. In addition, theschool motto is to studyextensively; enquireaccurately; reflect carefully;discriminate clearly; practiceearnestly.The tuition, per semester, forattending Sun Yat-SenUniversity is 8700 RMB, whichroughly converts to $1600USD. 5. On our tour around SYSUcampus, we take a grouppicture in front of the NorthGate of the North GateSquare. This gate is thepinnacle attractive piece ofarchitecture on the squarebecause on this memorialgateway is the name of SunYat-Sen etched in his ownhandwriting. 6. Sun Yat-Sen Universityconsists of four campuses,which sits along the ZhuJiang, in other words, thePearl River. The Pearl River isnamed this because of all thepearl colored shells that lie atthe bottom of the river in thesection that flows through thecity of Guangzhou. It is thewidest distributor within thedelta, although considerablyshort. The waters thatconverge east of the Bei Jiangare first referred to as thePearl River just northof Guangzhou. 7. During our time inGuangzhou, we stayed inZijingyuan Hotel of Sun Yat-Sen University. Next to thehotel was a class room wherestudents would attendlectures and study throughoutthe evening. Near the end ofour stay in Guangzhou, wemade a toast and said ourgood-bye to Wu Jian, a newfriend from Xiamen University. 8. Food in Guangzhou ranged from being tender and creamy to succulent and savory. Somedishes that we ate at restaurants consists of: taro-root boiled in a thick creamy stock,steamed pork-filled dumplings, thinly sliced pork covered in a sweet & savory sauce, androasted chicken glazed with sugar and soy sauce.