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  • 1. Global mobile internet CEO

2. About Great Wall Club 2 Purely focused on mobile internet, the Great Wall Club is a CEO member-based platform. Grown from 8 to ~70 members in 1 year Started in China, expanding in Asia and Europe and USA Mission Friendship, Cooperation, Globalization Build a platform for CEOs in the global mobile internet market to share ideas, collaborate and communicate Be a globally influential industry trade organization 3. What We Do 3 Build a worldwide CEO-level network in the mobile internet industry Organize annual event: GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) Organize other events G+1 Salon (GWC + one topic) Study trip Topic-focused forum Research and consulting service 4. Our Members (partly) Leilei WANG David WEI Xiaofeng SHAO Gaofei WANG Ke DINGRenfei DAI Tao SONG KongZhong, CEO Alibaba Inc., CEO Alipay, President Sina Wireless, GM Tencent Wireless GM China Unicom Newspace, GM Sky-Mobi, CEO Xiangdong ZHANG Shuang LIUBin LIUYongfu YUJoshua MA Yu LINJerry LI, President Phoenix New Media, CEO Yicha, CEOUCWEB, CEOMadHouse, CEONetQin, CEO, CEO Yilong LAI Rong MUZhihao ZHANGSong CHENJianwu ZHUXi WANG Dongwan PULabox, CEO Bedo, CEO12580, CEOByread, CEO Lexun, CEO Easou, CEO Xunjie Network, CEO Alex LIANG Xinyu LIYongquan XIAO Gang WU Weiguo ZHAOMichael YAN He ZHANG PICA, CEO Talkweb,, President 3GV8, CEO CEYUAN Ventures, President Lenovo Mobile, VAS, President 5. Our MembersEurope Kirill Pctrov Evgeny Kosolapov Jari P. PauI AselRune Bundesen i-Free United Fun Traders Finland Investment Bureau Nokia Growth Partners NeoConsultCEOCEO Senior BD Director Managing DirectorCEO JapanAkio TanakaMasanori SugiyamaHirokazu MashitaMasahiro IrieInfinity Venture PartnersZAPPALLASHikari Tsushin Group,Yicha JapanCo-FounderCEOChairmanCEOKorea Jin Ho Hur Chongsik Kim Jeong Ho Kim Young il LeeJames SongNeowiz Internet INNOACE / KWISANHN, HangameCom2us GameVIL CEOCEO CEOCEO & CTOCEO 6. Our teamChu WEN | CEOWei SONG | VP & Co-Founder As a serial entrepreneur in mobile internet, + 10 years media experience. Wei SongWen Chu successfully sold his 1st company to was Marketing Director at Chengchenga Nasdaq listed company in 2004. HeCulture Group (600681). He is also thefounded Moabc in 2005, and made it as afounder of Table Soccer in China, andleading mobile community with +10 millioncreated this industry and culture in China.users. GWC was founded by Wen Chu in Before joining GWC, he was director atMar.2008. He speaks Chinese, and English.Olympic Village for BOCOG. Barrett Parkman | International BDYiqun BO | VP & Co-Founder He had worked on consulting projects with+ 10 years experience in Chinas ICT companies such as Wal-Mart and Facebook .industry. Before joining GWC, he was Before moving to China, Barrett led a teamConsulting & Research director on Internet to market Dell product in +30 countries inand Mobile innovation in China, Japan and Western Europe and the US. He wasKorea. MBA from UniversitParis I. He graduated from the Tsinghua Univ. and MITspeaks Chinese, English and French. Sloan MBA program in Beijing.Lijuang JIANG | Administration DirectorKim JIN | Chief Rep., Japan Taking charge of GMIC organization and 3 years work experience in Japans internetRich company admin. Experience, worked for for RECRUIT, taking charge of the onlineMoabc as Admin. Director for 3 years,marketing and distribution operation, shegraduated from Sun Yat-Sen Univ. atholds MBA of Beijing Univ.. She speaksGuangzhou. Chinese, English and Japanese (native level). 7. Our Partners 7 8. GMIC2009China Internet Society | Secretary General, Chengqing HUANGGMIC | Korea Forum 9. GMIC2009GMIC Opening CeremonyGMIC | Japan Forum 10. GMIC2009 GWC Members MeetingGWC Members 11. USA Executive Exchange Trip Las Vegas LA Silicon ValleyJanuary 6 16, 2010 12. CJK Join Conference 2009SEOUL KOREA 11 to 13,Nov 2009 Mobile Market trends and Killer App analysis in china Chinese mobile market status Chinese mobile killer App. Analysis Oversees mobile company's Service & contents launching process in China Mobile Market trends and Killer App analysis in Japan Japan mobile market status Japan mobile killer App. Analysis Oversees mobile company's Service & contents launching process in Japan Mobile Market trends and Killer App analysis in Korea Korean mobile market status Korean mobile killer App. Analysis Oversees mobile company's Service & contents launching process in Korea 13. Japans Mobile Internet Market Study TripTokyo, Japan Nov 25~26, 2009Nov 25 Mobildec2009 conference Nov 26 Company visit Gree | Leading mobile SNS2.3 blnUSD (market cap) Zappallas | #1 mobile fortune-telling,239 mln USD (market cap) NTT DoCoMo Softbank 14. Sino-Japan Mobile Internet Summit Date: March 2008 Location: Beijing, China Study trip for Japan Date: November 2008 Location: Tokyo, Japan 15. 2009 China-Sweden Mobile Internet Summit2009 China-Demark Mobile Internet Summit Date: September 2009Date: August, 2009 Location: SwedenLocation: Demark Company visit: Ericsson, Headquarters Company visit: Microsoft, Demark 2009 China-Finland Mobile Internet Summit 2009 China-Finland Mobile Internet Summit Date: September, 2009 Date: September, 2009 Location: Finland Location: Finland Visit: TEKES, HeadquartersCompany Visit: Nokia, Headquarters 16. Study Trip: Alibaba Inc. Date: September 22, 2009 Location: Hangzhou, China Study Trip: Taobao, Alipay Date: September 22, 2009 Location: Hangzhou, China 17. Contact us 17www.thegreatwallclub.comTel: +86 10 5167 2880Fax: +86 10 5167 2887 Address:info@thegreatwallclub.comRoom 0709-0711, Jing Liang Building No.16 East 3rd Ring Middle RoadChaoyang DistrictBeijing, China, 100022