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  • Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360

    November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore

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  • Great Wall, Great Reward Finding design-actionable insights for Medical Devices in China

    November 21st, 2013

    Tico Blumenthal Global Customer Insights Manager Medtronic Shanghai Innovation Center

    Prepared for

  • Image courtesy Alisdair Rae, University of Sheffield. Used with permission.

  • Why Qualitative in China?

    Online has some challenges

    Scales have translation and regional issues

    China is an insiders country

    V. Unlikely Sl. Unlikely Neutral Sl. Likely V. Likely

  • Why Qual for Medtronic

    What SHOULD be done? What IS done?

  • Context



    Medical Qual is fun, meaningful & difficult


  • The Great Qual Wall

    Insiders society (relationship)

    Format is not familiar or comfortable

    High-complexity environment

    Cultural pre-disposition to start from mistrust


    Relations 2o Relations

    Chinese Society Foreigners

    More concerning Maybe a journalist Very visible Uncertain relationship Old feelings re: foreigners

    Less concerning May give face to physician to have a foreign visitor Uncertain social status Outside of social circle less messy

  • Diversity in China

  • Focus

  • Starting with Difference Enables Insight

  • Sitting

  • Sitting


    Social Value

  • Examples of medical innovations driven by qual insights

    RestoreSensorTM neurostimulator

    AccuveinTM venous access aid

    Novocath IV

  • A few learnings for practitioners

    Partner with good ground-level recruiters the channel of introduction matters! Being blinded is a double-edged sword.

    Start from the top, or risk challenging the hierarchy

    Require translation pre-tests

    Directness will often harm your inquiry if the topic is sensitive

    Abstract questions dont test well prototypes are better

    Hang on to articulate respondents they are precious

  • Great Walls & Great Rewards

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  • Twitter Hashtag #QUAL360

    November 20-21, 2013 | Singapore