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Great Wall Dcor Ideas

Great Wall Dcor Ideas

Elegant Sconces

Decor up even the smallest areas, like a nook or entryway, with a little flashy.Ornamental sconces will add some sparkle to the plain wall.It will be the great option for you.

Wooden Pieces

Wooden is the thing which we can use everywhere of furniture or dcor. Just look at this modern wooden wall art, its got everything you would like to see.

Install Mirror On Wall

A collage of mirrors makes the room feel larger while breaking up the monotonous white wall.Choose different style mirrors like mosaic wall mirror in the same color for a well integrated look.

Round Mirror

24" Brown Round Wall Mirror, Crackled Glass Mosaic Wall Mirror

Rectangle MirrorGlass Mosaic Framed Decorative Wall Mirror, Unique Vanity Mirror (Sharkskin Silver)

Fired Gold Crackled Glass Decorative Wall Mirror Mosaic Glass Wall Mirror (Fired Gold)

Prefer Handmade Mirror In these days the handmade are in trends. Because these mirror glam up the house and looks very pretty in compare to machine made mirror. Life span of Handmade mirror are more than a machine made mirror.Handmade mirror are more durable.

Empty Frames

If you already have a playful accent wall but want to jazz it up. Use this idea.Hang bold empty frames and give a classy look to your wall. Makeover your walls by these empty frames and give a new look.

Framed Maps

Give an old map a modern spin with a multi-frame.Choose your favorite destination spots, like your home town or visited places and favorite places. It will give a amazing feel of happiness.

Vases On The WallHang vases with or without a stand is looks like a beautiful combination of wall dcor. Look here for the wide range of vases.

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