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  • 1. GO GREEN, INDIAA way of helping our country go green.
  • 2. Chapter 1: Many people throw garbage in soil, which causes landPOLLUTION pollution.Pollution is when humans, likeus, throw garbage on thesoil, which can harm us.It doesnt just happen onsoil, even in water.
  • 3. Chapter 2:TYPES OFPOLLUTIONThere are 4 types of pollution: This is a vow to save our mother1.Land pollution earth.2.Water pollution MOTHER EARTH,3.Air pollution4.Noise pollution I VOW THAT I WILL NEVER THROW GARBAGE ON YOUR SOIL ANDAll this pollution mixed togetheris called environmental WATER. THIS VOW WILL NEVER BEpollution. BROKEN TILL I DIE. AND I PROMISE TILL THE BOTTOM OF MYAnimals are dying because of HEART.the pollution happening. It isour duty to stop this pollution.
  • 4. Chapter 3:DONT CUTTREESCutting trees will cause moreair pollution and diseases. Treeshelps us in two ways. One wayis cleaning the air. The otherway is giving us more oxygen.A tree is very precious tohuman beings like you and me.That is why we should stopcutting trees.
  • 6. Chapter 5: TAKECARE OF OUR EARTHPeople often pollute our beautiful habitat.That is why we should take care of ourEarth by not polluting. It can harm us. Sotake care and go green.
  • 7. Chapter 6:GROW MORE PLANTS As I told you, people are cutting down trees. Now lets learn about growing more trees.
  • 8. THE WAY PLANTATIONWORKS This plant looks like it was just planted the day before yesterday. It grows from a SEED. The seed is the first thing you need to have if you want to plant a tree. Water the plant and give it enough sunshine, then in a few days, the plant will grow bigger. Keep watering it until it becomes a nice, big tree.
  • 9. Chapter 7:TREES ARE PRECIOUS NOTJUST TO US, ALSO ANIMALSBIRDS CATEGORY These birds are sitting in their trees. This tells us that trees dont just belong to us, they also belong to the animals which live in the trees too. By cutting down trees, we kill the animals which live on that certain tree. Do you want this to happen? Then dont let it.
  • 10. ANIMALS CATEGORY The koala (pictured here) live on this Eucalyptus tree. Imagine, what if someone cuts the tree down? What will you think about the koala? What if he dies? Do you want this to happen? Then tell people not to cut trees and tell them about the animals that live on the tree.