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Ekonomska kola ibenik, Put gimnazije 64, 22 000 ibenik, CROATIA. Go green . November 2013. About questionnaire. T he survey was carried out at E conomic School ibenik . I t took 4 days to have the results . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Go green

Go greenNovember 2013

Ekonomska kola ibenik,Put gimnazije 64, 22 000 ibenik,CROATIA

About questionnaireThe survey was carried out at Economic School ibenik. It took 4 days to have the results.

The student survey has been conducted through printed questionnaires entirely anonymously.

The survey included classes in the third year; courses Economist and Administrative Officer.

How would you grade your caring for the environment?

How would you rate your country regarding environmental concerns?Do you think you could change something about your environment?

Do you separate waste at home?Are you afraid for the future of our planet?

Have you ever participated in actions related to environmental protection?

What kind of waste do you separate most?THE END!Bruno Galic, IIIb