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Gartner Group Convergence 2013


<p>Global Gartner Events 2013Featuring the complete events portfolio, including: conferences, summits, forums and Gartner Symposium/ITxpo</p> <p>as of May 20, 2013</p> <p>Check page 5 for Global Gartner Symposium/ITxpo dates</p> <p>2 Send a team and save! Visit for details.</p> <p>As the pace of technology accelerates, its more </p> <p>important than ever to stay on top of the trends </p> <p>shaping the future. Targeted to your priorities, </p> <p>Gartner events offer a highly efficient way to stay </p> <p>current while advancing your key initiatives and </p> <p>critical skill sets. </p> <p>Driven by a vast network of analyst research, our </p> <p>65+ events worldwide can help you make the </p> <p>difference between success and failure in your </p> <p>business. We deliver the answers you need, </p> <p>when you need them.</p> <p>poWerful neW ThinkinG noT founD AnyWhere else ... </p> <p>... on the hottest topics impacting your organization right now and into the future. youll experience a series of aha moments that deepen your understanding and take you to the next level of insight. But thats not all:</p> <p> Leverage Gartner analyst expertise on-site at private consultations.</p> <p> Grow your decision-making resources with a minimal investment of time and money. </p> <p> Gain actionable next-step guidance to the issues challenging your organization.</p> <p> Evaluate the technologies, methods, models and processes needed for your business to grow.</p> <p> Network with decision makers from every industry and government sector. </p> <p> Discover global best practices based on our extensive client interactions.</p> <p>Gartner Events: Stay ahead of the trends in 2013</p> <p>Proprietary Research &amp; Analytics</p> <p>902 analysts serve clients in 85 countries</p> <p>over 13,000 client organizations</p> <p>319,000 client interactions Worlds largest </p> <p>community of CIOs</p> <p>74% of Global 500</p> <p>72% of Fortune 1000</p> <p>Corporate statistics as of February 28, 2013</p> <p>experience The poWer of GArTner reseArch live!</p> <p>3For more information about Gartner events, visit</p> <p>Gartner Events: Stay ahead of the trends in 2013</p> <p>Which event type fits your role and learning style?</p> <p>Event type Description Learning Environment Role Coverage</p> <p>Gartner Symposium/ITxpo is the worlds most important gathering of CIOs and senior IT executives.Held in eight locations around the globe, these events attract more than 20,000 attendees, including 6,100+ CIOs, annually.</p> <p>This event covers the full spectrum of IT. It includes role-based tracks, industry sessions, peer networking and ITxpo, an exhibit floor featuring leading solution providers.</p> <p>10 IT roles + industries (depends on region)</p> <p>40+ summits around the globe, focused on technology roles, provide in-depth analysis and insight on a variety of key initiatives and hot topics critical to the success of the business. </p> <p>Gartner summits deliver a wealth of new ideas and practical advice through track sessions, networking opportunities, one-on-one consultations with analysts and a Solution Showcase. </p> <p>Designed to be the must-attend annual event for each IT role and project area</p> <p>Designed exclusively for CIOs, this conference is a perfect opportunity to learn and advance their skill sets in an intimate peer-networking environment. </p> <p>Hands-on workshops and informal sessions are conducted by a team of Gartner analysts whose main focus is senior leadership research. </p> <p>CIO &amp; IT Executives role</p> <p>The premier event for IT practitioners</p> <p>Provides detailed, tactical guidance on technical architecture and design, product evaluation and creating an implementation strategy that supports enterprise IT initiatives through actionable advice, best practices and peer-to-peer interaction.</p> <p>Applications; Business Intelligence; Enterprise Architecture; IT Infrastructure &amp; Operations; Security &amp; Risk Management roles</p> <p>The worlds most important gathering of supply chain leaders.</p> <p>An unrivaled resource for todays most relevant global supply network strategies, tactics and technology solutions. </p> <p>Supply Chain role</p> <p>GARTnER ExCEllEnCE AwARDS PROGRAM</p> <p>Highlighting world-class achievements in various IT disciplines, Gartner Excellence Awards strive to promote and reward excellence in IT.</p> <p>GARTnER EVEnTS OFFERInG ACCREDITATIOn</p> <p>Receive accreditation by attending select Gartner events. See the events marked offers accreditation within this brochure to enhance your professional development.</p> <p>4 Send a team and save! Visit for details.</p> <p>Gartner-analyst-led track session presentations Actionable guidance helps you achieve successful results based on the latest Gartner research. Gartner analysts present their latest findings, offer specific recommendations and next-step insights.</p> <p>Keynotes Thought leaders, industry innovators and Gartner analysts address overarching trends and their impact in compelling sessions designed to motivate and inspire.</p> <p>Town halls Lively Q&amp;As where attendees pose tough questions to a broad panel of Gartner analysts representing selected research areas.</p> <p>End-user case studies Based on specific end-user implementations, industry leaders reveal their personal challenges, issues and lessons learned.</p> <p>To the Point sessions Top-line presentations that brief you on critical IT topics and key trends in a condensed 20-minute format.</p> <p>Technical Insights sessions In-depth presentations that deliver tactically focused research and decision-support tools to help you better assess technologies and services.</p> <p>Event Features</p> <p>Networking and solution provider interaction</p> <p>Peer-to-peer networking Informal, attendee-only networking sessions organized by topic, role and industry. Sponsor-hosted receptions and hospitality suites offer additional opportunities to interact.</p> <p>Solution provider sessions An exclusive look at how new solutions and products work in the real world. Includes vendor case studies from end-user clients discussing real-world implementations.</p> <p>Face-to-face sponsor meetings Private 30-minute meetings with senior sponsor representatives, designed to streamline the vetting process.</p> <p>Hospitality suites Evening receptions, hosted by Premier and Platinum sponsors, provide an ideal setting for informal networking.</p> <p>Gartner analyst workshops Hands-on analyst-led sessions that drill down to specifics in small-group settings designed for end users.</p> <p>Maverick sessions Thought-provoking presentations, featured at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, that propose unconventional and disruptive ideas, straight from the Gartner research incubator.</p> <p>Gartner Magic Quadrant and Gartner MarketScope sessions These 20-minute analyst-led presentations held on the exhibit floor deliver timely Gartner research on key vendors and market conditions.</p> <p>ScenariosAnalyst-led sessions, featured at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, that discuss newly emerging technology and management trends and their expected impact.</p> <p>Gartner analyst one-on-ones Private 30-minute consultations with a Gartner analyst. Targeted, personalized advice to help you plan proactively and invest wisely.</p> <p>Gartner analyst-user roundtables Topic-driven end-user forums moderated by Gartner analysts. Learn what your peers are doing around particular issues and across industries.</p> <p>Our unique event featuresWe keep things interesting with a wide variety of dynamic sessions and interactive formats.</p> <p>Session types and analyst exposure</p> <p>Gartner signature features</p> <p>5For more information about Gartner events, visit</p> <p>Our events deliver in-depth analysis and practical take-aways tailored to your </p> <p>specific organizational role. Weve categorized them by the following job roles </p> <p>and functions:</p> <p>Targeted content for your specific role and interests</p> <p>Events In Your Role</p> <p>Todays CIO and IT leaders must support rapidly changing business </p> <p>needs while carefully managing costs. The issues they face are complex </p> <p>and critical to the success of the business as a whole. Among these are: </p> <p> Developing and supporting superior processes for improved business outcomes</p> <p> Reducing enterprise costs while driving innovation and revenue generation </p> <p> Advancing workforce effectiveness </p> <p> Ensuring IT investments deliver the greatest business impact</p> <p>Despite the complexity of these issues, there is a tremendous opportunity for CIOs to recast their role, and that of ITs, from enabler to innovator. Gartners CIO-centric events deliver research-intensive guidance to help IT leaders meet the new demands of leadership and help define the future of technology in the enterprise.</p> <p>For complete details and event descriptions, including dates and locations, see pages 5 to 10.</p> <p>Event Features</p> <p>CIOs &amp; IT Leaders Events</p> <p>GARTnER SympOSIum/ITxpO 2013 March 5 7 Dubai, UAESeptember 16 18 South AfricaOctober 6 10 Orlando, FLOctober 15 17 Tokyo, JapanOctober 21 24 Goa, IndiaOctober 28 31 Gold Coast, AustraliaNovember 4 7 So Paulo, BrazilNovember 10 14 Barcelona, Spain</p> <p>CIO LEADERShIp FORum March 11 13 London, U.K.March 17 19 Huntington Beach, CA</p> <p>CIO &amp; IT ExECuTIvE SummIT June 17 18 Frankfurt, GermanySeptember 10 12 Mexico City, Mexico</p> <p>Applications Business Intelligence &amp; Information Management</p> <p>Business ProcessImprovement</p> <p>Security &amp; Risk Management</p> <p>CIO</p> <p>Enterprise Architecture</p> <p>IT Infrastructure &amp; Operations</p> <p>Programs &amp; Portfolio Management</p> <p>Sourcing &amp; Vendor Relationships</p> <p>Supply Chain</p> <p>6 Send a team and save! Visit for details.</p> <p>Applications Events </p> <p>Strategize, evolve, modernize and manage. These are the key </p> <p>challenges facing application managers as they seek to rapidly deliver </p> <p>results across the entire application portfolio while addressing the </p> <p>disruptive forces of change. But making the right decisions can be </p> <p>both risky and daunting.</p> <p>Enterprise users as well as customers are radically changing how they consume applications. More than ever, your organizations application portfolio must accommodate the pace of change and innovation. Are you making the right investments in the right systems? How well are you managing applications so that you can effectively control costs and still provide the agility needed to quickly take advantage of a business landscape changing at ever-faster rates?</p> <p>By 2013, 60% of organizations will use EDA and SOA in combination as the primary architecture for new enterprise applications.</p> <p>Gartner Predicts</p> <p>NOrtH AMEricA Portals, content &amp; collaboration Summit April 29 May 1 | San Diego, cA</p> <p>customer 360 Summit May 1 3 | San Diego, cA</p> <p>catalyst conference July 29 August 1 | San Diego, cA</p> <p>Application Architecture, Development &amp; integration Summit December 3 5 | Las Vegas, NV</p> <p>EMEA Application Architecture, Development &amp; integration Summit May 16 17 | London, U.K.</p> <p>customer Strategies &amp; technologies Summit June 5 6 | London, U.K.</p> <p>catalyst technical Forum on Mobility June 19 | Frankfurt, Germany</p> <p>Portals, content &amp; collaboration Summit September 16 17 | London, U.K.</p> <p>catalyst technical Forum on Mobility &amp; cloud September 25 | London, U.K.</p> <p>LAtiN AMEricA Application Architecture, Development &amp; integration Summit June 26 27 | Mexico city, Mexico</p> <p>Application Architecture, Development &amp; integration Summit August 13 14 | So Paulo, Brazil</p> <p>AUStrALiA/NEw zEALAND Application Architecture, Development &amp; integration Summit July 22 23 | Sydney, Australia</p> <p>JAPAN Enterprise Application &amp; Architecture Summit February 28 March 1 | tokyo, Japan</p> <p>Team Attendance Program</p> <p>Summit team discount 1 complimentary registration reward with 3 paid registrations 2 complimentary registration rewards with 5 paid registrations 3 complimentary registration rewards with 7 paid registrations</p> <p>to register a team for a Gartner event, please email your specific region:</p> <p>North America: </p> <p>Europe, the Middle East and Africa:</p> <p>Asia Pacific: </p> <p>Mexico:</p> <p>Brazil:</p> <p>Symposium team discount 1 complimentary registration reward with 4 paid registrations 2 complimentary registration rewards with 8 paid registrations 3 complimentary registration rewards with 12 paid registrations</p> <p>Knowledge creates the capacity for effective action. imagine the impact on your organization when knowledge multiplies: common vision, faster responses, smarter decisions. thats the Gartner team Attendance effect. Youll realize it in full when you attend a Gartner event as a group.</p> <p>7For more information about Gartner events, visit</p> <p>Applications Events Business Intelligence &amp; Information Management Events</p> <p>As the need to differentiate your business becomes even more critical, </p> <p>so too is your organizations ability to leverage and manage information </p> <p>as an asset. </p> <p>BI and information management leaders are just now addressing this emerging imperative and, along with it, the reality that they must lead the way forward. </p> <p>Our events for business intelligence and information management deliver new insights into how information fuels innovation and drives business opportunity and what you must do to develop the right capabilities for an effective information-centric culture.</p> <p>Business Process Improvement Events</p> <p>Business process management (BPM) is not a passing fad but </p> <p>a fundamental factor in managing, improving and transforming </p> <p>an organization. </p> <p>But to deliver the results and benefits expected from BPM and actually enable an enterprise to change requires specific know-how and the savvy to tackle internal obstacles holding back your progress whether those challenges are political infighting or lack of engagement. Designed to help process experts gain game-changing momentum, our Business Process Management Summits deliver everything thats needed to advance individual skill sets and get the organization where it needs to go whether its first steps or critical next steps with BPM.</p> <p>North america Business intelligence &amp; analytics Summit march 18 20 | Grapevine, tX (Dallas area)</p> <p>master Data management Summit march 20 22 | Grapevine, tX (Dallas area)</p> <p>catalyst conference July 29 august 1 | San Diego, ca</p> <p>emea Business intelligence &amp; analytics Summit February 5 7 | Barcelona, Spain</p> <p>master Data management Summit February 7 8 | Barcelona, Spain </p> <p>catalyst technical Forum on mobility June 19 | Frankfurt, Germany</p> <p>catalyst technical Forum on mobility &amp; cloud September 25 | London, U.K.</p> <p>LatiN america Business intelligence &amp; information management Summit June 4 5 | So Paulo, Brazil</p> <p>aUStraLia/New zeaLaND Business intelligence &amp; information management Summit February 25 26 | Sydney, au...</p>