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<ul><li><p>Ghada Nasr Radwan (MD, PhD) </p><p>Assistant Professor of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo </p><p>University, Egypt. </p><p>Email: </p><p> </p><p>Skype ID: ghadanasr1 </p><p>Mobile: (02) 0100-5094041 </p><p>Home: (02) 02-33882984 </p><p>Address: 1 El-Hoda Street, El-Maryoutia, Sakara Road, Giza, Cairo, Egypt. </p><p>Born: September 7, 1972 </p><p>Citizenship: Egyptian </p><p>Languages: Arabic-native language </p><p> English fluent </p><p> French -basic </p><p>EDUCATION </p><p> 1995 M.B., B.Ch.* Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, </p><p>Egypt </p><p> Grade excellent with honor </p><p>2002 M.Sc. Public Health Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, </p><p>Egypt </p><p>2006 M.D. ** (Ph.D.) Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, </p><p>Egypt </p><p> * M.B., B. Ch.: Medical Bachelor and Bachelor of Chemistry equivalent to M.D. in </p><p>American system. </p><p>** M.D.: Medical Doctorate in Egyptian system is fulfilled by the Ph.D. thesis and </p><p>passing advanced courses relevant to the subject. </p><p></p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae Ghada Nasr Radwan </p><p>- 1 - </p><p>MAJOR RESEARCH INTERESTS AND PUBLIC HEALTH ACTIVITIES </p><p>The research projects and public health activities that the researcher leads or participates in, </p><p>presents an integrated effort to assist in combating tobacco epidemic in Egypt. This is </p><p>through provision of the domestic scientific evidence necessary to support policy decisions. </p><p>In addition to provision of technical assistance to governments to implement effective </p><p>tobacco control measures according to best practices and international agreements. The </p><p>research projects and national projects involved the following: </p><p> Epidemiology of tobacco use behavior and addiction </p><p> Genetics of tobacco use and addiction </p><p> Biological and environmental markers of tobacco exposure and tobacco harms </p><p> Tobacco control: provision of technical assistance to governments and civil society for the effective implementation of tobacco control policies at both </p><p>national and regional (Middle East) levels. </p><p>POSITIONS </p><p>1996-1997 House officer, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, </p><p>Egypt. </p><p>1997-1998 Gynecology and Obstetrics residency, Faculty of </p><p>Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p>1998-2002 Demonstrator at Public Health Department, Faculty of </p><p>Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p>2003-2006 Assistant Lecturer at Public Heath Department, Faculty </p><p>of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p>2003-2008 Senior Researcher in Egyptian Smoking Prevention </p><p>Research Institute (ESPRI) at the National Hepatology </p><p>and Tropical Medicine Research Institute. A joint </p><p>program of MOHP-Egypt and Georgetown University </p><p>USA. </p><p>2006-2012 Lecturer at Public Health Department, Faculty of </p><p>Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p>2012- present Assistant Professor at Public Health Department, Faculty </p><p>of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p>2008-present Technical Officer Tobacco Control and Technical </p><p>Advisor of Bloomberg Initiative Grants in Egypt- The </p><p>Union Middle East-The International Union Against </p><p>Tuberculosis and Lung Disease. </p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae Ghada Nasr Radwan </p><p>- 2 - </p><p>COURSES AND THESES </p><p>2000-2002 Postgraduate courses in the field of Microbiology, </p><p>Parasitology, Child Psychiatry, Epidemiology, </p><p>Biostatistics, Nutrition, Environment, Management and </p><p>Demography. </p><p>2001-2002 Master thesis Evaluation of the nutrition services </p><p>provided to the pregnant females in primary health care </p><p>centers in Cairo. </p><p>2002-2006 Ph.D. thesis: Role of behavioural and genetic factors in </p><p>determining tobacco induced harm in male smokers, </p><p>defended in 2006. </p><p>2002-2006 Advanced courses in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, </p><p>Nutrition, Environment, Management and Demography. </p><p> Requirement of the Ph.D. degree in Public Health. </p><p>POST-GRADUARE TRAINING </p><p> Basic courses in statistics and computer in community center (1999), Manchester UK. </p><p> IELTS course (2000), British Council, Cairo, Egypt. Infectious Disease Research Training course Epidemiology and Biostatistics </p><p>(2001), UMB, USA &amp; Ministry of Health and Population, held in Cairo, Egypt. </p><p> SPSS applications in statistics (2001), Cairo University, Egypt. Statistical course (2001), Cairo University, Egypt. Decision Technologies in Public Health course (2004), British council, Cairo, </p><p>Egypt. </p><p> Biostatistics course (2004), Cairo Demographic Center, Cairo, Egypt. Joint Sustainable Science Institute (SSI)-Action Building Capacity (ABC) Training </p><p>on grant writing (2004), held in the National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine </p><p>Research Institute, Cairo Egypt. </p><p> Survival Analysis and Longitudinal Data analysis training (2005), National Hepatology and Tropical Medicine Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt. </p><p> Multilevel Models, Survival Analysis and Methods and Applications of Cohort Studies courses (2005), Bloomberg School of Public Health-Johns Hopkins, </p><p>Baltimore-Maryland, USA. </p><p> ESRI certification on Geographic Information System (GIS) (2005), trained at Maryland State Health Department, USA. </p><p> Health care informatics course (Jan-June, 2006), Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p> E-learning course (June-August 2006), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p> Development of Managerial Skills course (March 2007), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. </p><p> Qualitative Data Analysis course (October 2007), Ain Shams University (Egypt) and Georgetown University (USA). </p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae Ghada Nasr Radwan </p><p>- 3 - </p><p> Certificate in International Tobacco control (2007), Tobacco Academy e-learning for health. Tobacco Academy is a project of the International Union Against Cancer </p><p>(UICC). </p><p> Leadership and Management, Human Resources Development, Budget and Financial Management, Management of Mangers trainings (2008-2009) which are </p><p>part of the International Management Development Program (IMDP) conducted by </p><p>International Union Against Tuberculosis &amp; Lung Disease, held in Cairo, Egypt. </p><p>These IMDP courses are accredited by the International Association for Continuing </p><p>Education and Training (IACET). </p><p> Regional Training on Tobacco Control Communication and Advocacy (17-20 February 2008), World Health Organization Regional Office for Eastern </p><p>Mediterranean, Cairo, Egypt. </p><p> Training on Communication For Teams: Cross Cultural Understanding and Team Building (12-14 October 2008), The International Union Against Tuberculosis and </p><p>Lung Disease, Paris, France. </p><p> Training on Smoke-Free Policy Implementation (12-13 November 2008), World Health Organization Regional Office for Eastern Mediterranean, Cairo, Egypt. </p><p> Online Tobacco Control Training from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (2008-2009). </p><p> Training of Trainers (20-23 April 2009), The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Tobacco Control Department, Edinburgh, UK. </p><p> Global Tobacco Control Leadership Program (8-21 August 2009), The Institute for Global Tobacco Control (IGTC) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public </p><p>Health (JHSPH), Baltimore, USA. </p><p> Project Management (13-17 September 2010), The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Tobacco Control Department, Edinburgh, UK. </p><p> Stat2.1x: Introduction to Statistics: Descriptive Statistics (5 weeks, 20 Feb-26 March, 2013). A course of study offered by BerkeleyX, an online learning initiative </p><p>of The University of California At Berkeley through edX. </p><p>COMPUTER SKILLS </p><p>Word processing, internet medical research, data entry and management, spread sheets </p><p>(EXCEL), PowerPoint, GIS and analysis (SPSS). </p><p>MEMBERSHIP </p><p> Member of the Global link (Global tobacco control). Member of International Union Against TB and Lung Disease: Membership </p><p>number CU-0620375 </p><p> Member of the Egyptian Smoking Prevention Research Association (ESPRA) an NGO established 2004. </p><p> Member of the Global Tobacco Control Partners. </p><p> Member in Global Cancer Control Community. . </p><p>GRANTS MANAGEMENT </p><p> Technical Advisor (TA) of 6 grants supported by the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use in Egypt with funding reaching up to 500,000 USD for </p><p>individual grants. The role involves review of project proposal, of workplan, grants </p><p></p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae Ghada Nasr Radwan </p><p>- 4 - </p><p>negotiation, monitoring of progress and provision of ongoing technical assistance </p><p>and guidance to the grantees (Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, </p><p>Central Agency of Public Mobilization and Statistics and Civil Society) (2008- </p><p>present). </p><p>GRANTS REVIEW </p><p> A reviewer of project ideas and full proposals submitted to the Bloomberg Initiative Grants Program. Reviewing more than 100 project ideas and full proposals </p><p>submitted from countries all over the world (2008- present). </p><p>GRANT SUPPORT </p><p>Genetic factors in tobacco smoking behavior and addiction </p><p>U.S.-Egypt Joint Science and Technology grants program (BIO11-002-005). </p><p>Role: Principal Investigator </p><p>Internal medicine residency training on smoking cessation in teaching hospitals </p><p>American Cancer Society (ACS) 13th</p><p> World Conference on Tobacco Or Health </p><p>(WCTOH) International Tobacco Control Policy Seed Grant. </p><p>Role: Co-Principal Investigator </p><p>Health facilities smoking control polices: Implementation, barriers and challenges. </p><p> The Canadian Tobacco Control Research Initiative (1000-024-362). </p><p> Role: Co-Principal Investigator </p><p>Evaluation of the implementation of smoke free regulations in public places in </p><p>Cairo. The Canadian Tobacco Control Research Initiative (1000-024-388). </p><p>Role: Co-Principal Investigator </p><p> Egypt Smoking Prevention Research Initiative </p><p>National Institutes of Health (NIH) Fogarty International Center (USA) </p><p>(1R01TW05944) </p><p>Role: Senior researcher position that involves study design, coordination &amp; data </p><p>analysis for several intervention-evaluation, policy analysis, and basic research </p><p>studies as well as training for capacity building to implement tobacco control </p><p>activities. </p><p>Malignant Complications of Chronic HCV </p><p>National Cancer Institute (USA) (2RO1CA85888) </p><p>Role: Field supervisor and Data analyst </p><p>Gender Differences in Bladder Cancer Risk Factors </p><p>National Cancer Institute (USA) (1R01CA115618-01) </p><p>Role: Field supervisor and Data analyst </p><p>Rheumatic Heart disease among school children in greater Cairo </p><p>Ministry of Health and Population, Egypt </p><p>Role : Field supervisor </p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae Ghada Nasr Radwan </p><p>- 5 - </p><p>PUBLICATIONS </p><p>JOURNAL ARTICLES, PEER-REVIEWED </p><p>1. Mohlman MK, Boulos DN, El Setouhy M, Radwan G, Makambi K, Jillson I, Loffredo CA. A Randomized, Controlled Community-Wide Intervention to Reduce </p><p>Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure. Nicotine Tob Res. 2013 Jan 17. </p><p>2. Radwan GN, Loffredo CA, Aziz R, Abdel-Aziz N, Labib N. Implementation, barriers and challenges of smoke-free policies in hospitals in Egypt. BMC Res Notes. 2012 Oct </p><p>15;5(1):568. </p><p>3. Ghada N. Radwan, Awatef Hussein Emam, Khaled Mohamed Maher, Mohamed Mehrez, Nasr El-sayed , Gihan M. El-Nahas . Public Opinion on Smoke-free Policies </p><p>among Egyptians. Accepted for publication in INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, April 2012. </p><p> Volume 16, Number 10 - October 2012. </p><p> 4. Ghada Radwan, Stephen S. Hecht, Steven G. Carmella, Christopher A. </p><p>Loffredo.Tobacco-specific nitrosamine exposures in smokers and non-smokers exposed </p><p>to cigarette or waterpipe tobacco smoke. Accepted for publication in Nicotine &amp; </p><p>Tobacco Research February 2012. </p><p>5. Rehab Abdel-Rahman Auf, Ghada Nasr Radwan, Christopher A. Loffredo, Maged El Setouhy, Ebenezer Israel, Mostafa K. Mohamed (2012). Assessment of Tobacco </p><p>Dependence in Waterpipe Smokers in Egypt. INT J TUBERC LUNG DIS, 16(1):132</p><p>137. </p><p>6. Ahmed I. Kamel and Ghada Mohamed N. Radwan (2011). The Effect of Combined Argon Laser with Electrolysis on Mal-Directed Eyelashes. Al-Azhar Med J; 40(3): </p><p>749-754. </p><p>7. Maissa K Noaman, Nargis A Labib, Ghada N Radwan, Othman M Mansour, Manar M Moneer, Inas A Elattar (2011). Prognostic Factors For Survival Of Patients With </p><p>Hepatocellular Carcinoma In National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, accepted for </p><p>publication in The Journal of American Science. </p><p>8. Ghada Nasr Radwan, Wafaa Yousif Abdel Wahid, Doaa El-Derwy, Maha El-Rabat (2011). Knowledge, Attitudes, &amp; Practices of Avian Influenza among Backyard Poultry </p><p>Breeders in Fayoum Governorate, Egypt, accepted for publication in J Egypt Public </p><p>Health Assoc. </p><p>7. Radwan GN, Loffredo CA, El Setouhy MA, Abdel Hamid M, Israel EJ, Mohamed MK (2010). Waterpipe Smoking And The DRD2/ANKK1 Genotype. J Egypt Public Health </p><p>Assoc. 2010;85(3-4):131-48. </p><p>8. Albert N. Radwan G.N. Aziz R. Israel E. Mohamed M.K. El Sherbiny N. Loffredo C (2009). Characteristics of women smoking in waterpipe cafes in Cairo, The Egyptian </p><p>Journal of Community Medicine;27(1): 63-75. </p><p>;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881;cauthor=true&amp;cauthor_uid=23328881</p></li><li><p>Curriculum Vitae Ghada Nasr Radwan </p><p>- 6 - </p><p>9. El-Setouhy M, Loffredo CA, Radwan G, Abdel Rahman R, Mahfouz E, Israel E, Mohamed MK, Ayyad SB (2008). Genotoxic effects of waterpipe smoking on the </p><p>buccal mucosa cells, Mutat Res.; 655(1-2):36-40. </p><p>10. Radwan, GN, Setouhy ME, Mohamed MK, Hamid MA, Israel E, Azem SA, Kamel O, Loffredo CA. (2007). DRD2/ANKK1 TaqI polymorphism and smoking behavior of </p><p>Egyptian male cigarette smokers. Nicotine &amp; Tobacco Research Dec;9(12):1325-9. </p><p>11. Labib, N. Radwan, G. Mikhail, N. Mohamed, M.K. El Setouhy, M. Loffredo, C. Israel, E. (2007). Comparison of cigarette and waterpipe smoking among female university </p><p>students. Nicotine &amp; Tobacco Research. 9(5), pp. 591596. </p><p>12. Ayyad, S.B. Nasr, G.R. Isr...</p></li></ul>