gelato have&meyer negroni orange spritzer...have&meyer negroni $15 gin, vermouth del professore...

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  • 103 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY haveandmeyer

    Gelato $11Lemon sorbet

    Vanilla (with real Vanilla beans)Stracciatella (sweet milk with melted chocolate)

    Hazelnut (with hazelnuts from Piedmont)

    Chocolate soufflé with homemade gelato $14Warm soufflé with Ocumare, 70% dark chocolate (Venezuela)

    with Chocolate&Ginger gelato

    Crème brulée $14Vanilla custard with brown sugar

    Tiramisù $16Lady fingers, Huehuetenango coffee from Guatemala

    & mascarpone cream

    Have&Meyer Negroni $15Gin, Vermouth del Professore Bianco,

    Varnelli Sibilla Bitter

    Orange Spritzer $15Meletti bitter, “Croci Campedello” Orange Wine,

    lemon, bubbles

    “Warm Up” $15Moonshine whiskey, Honeycrisp Apple Cider,

    Cinnamon Sticks (warm)

    Bitter Paloma $16Reposado Tequila, Bittermens Citron Sauvage

    Lime & Grapefruit Juice, Agave Syrup, Club Soda

    Buttero: Old’ Fashioned $16Guanciale Bourbon washed,

    Upstate Maple Syrup, bitter drops, prosciutto

    MoMa: Manhattan $17Rye Whiskey Van Brunt Stillhouse,

    Vermouth Professore Bianco, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Aged 12 Years

    (Acetaia San Giacomo, Reggio Emilia)

    “Standwithimmigrants” Mezcal Negroni $17(Aged in small barrel at least 30 days)

    Mezcal, Vermouth del Professore Bianco, Varnelli Sibilla Bitter, Absinthe Verte, smoked prosciutto

    Ale $8 “Driftwood”, Montauk Brewing Company (NY)

    Ipa $8“Jai Alai”, Cigar City Brewing (Florida)

    Pilsner $8 “Pilsner”, Five Boroughs brewing CO (Brooklyn)

    *Project run by Slow Food Foundation for biodiversity to protect small production

    All our desserts are homemade in our sister restaurant

  • Chose from our selection of artisanal meats & cheese

    1 selection $15 (serves 1)2 selections $29 (serves 2)4 selections $56 (serves 4)6 selections $78 (serves 6)

    Served with vegetables In EVO & fresh fruit

    ...our meats selection

    Mt Tam (Cow)Creamy. Smooth. Elegant. (Cow Girl Creamy, CA)

    Black Diamond (Goat) Smoky. Earthy, Creamy. (Yellow Springs Farm, PA)

    Triple Cream (Sheep)Creamy. Tangy. Herbaceous. (Coach Farm, NY)

    Bufarolo (Buffalo)Earthy. Aromatic. Materic. (Quattro Portoni, Lombardia, Italy)

    Bismark (Raw Sheep) Creamy. Almondy. Floral. (Grafton Cheese Village, VT)

    Cave Aged Chandoka (70% cow, 30% goat)Fruity. Sweet. Tangy. (LaClare Farm, WI)

    BresaolaAir-dried beef from black angus (Creminelli)

    Prosciutto di ParmaAged 30 months (Devodier)

    SalameSalame “Toscano” (Fra Mani)

    SpeckSmoked prosciutto (Senfter, Italy)

    Jamón Ibérico ($12 extra charge)Authentic acorn-fed 100% Jamón Ibérico (Cinco Jotas)

    Cheese board served with marmelade & fresh fruit

    Black truffle burrata & Prosciutto di Parma $25

    Creamy burrata from Umbria & Prosciutto di Parma aged 30 months (Devodier )

    Olives $8 (Vegan)Selection of homemade marinated Italian olives

    & cherry tomatoes

    Artichokes in EVO $10 (Vegan) Grilled artichoke hearts “Violetto di Puglia” (Oilalà, Puglia)

    Bruschetta al pomodoro $12 (Vegan)Sourdough bread with organic cherry tomatoes,

    oregan, caper leaves (Pantelleria) & EVO

    Crostone with “stracciatella & anchovies” $15Sourdough bread with stracciatella cheese,

    wild-caught Cantabrian anchovies & lemon zest

    Shishito Peppers $16 (Vegan)Sautéed in EVO & dry tomatoes

    GNOCCHI with white truffle & Parmigiano $25 (Vegetarian)Artisanal Gnocchi with white truffle butter& Parmigiano Reggiano (24 months aged)

    TROFIE with basil pesto & potatoes $23 (Vegetarian) Fresh Trofie with homemade basil pesto, dry tomatoes & potatoes

    TAGLIATELLE with ragù $24Fresh egg Tagliatelle with our delicious ragù

    (organic beef - Lancaster Farm Fresh)

    SPAGHETTI ALLA CHITARRA with clams $25Fresh Spaghetti with domestic littleneck clams

    & fresh parsley in cherry tomato sauce

    TONNARELLI alla carbonara $26Fresh Tonnarelli (“Spaghetti” with rounded corners)

    with traditional carbonara sauce, Italian salt-cured pork jowl, eggs, pecorino cheese & black pepper

    GNOCCHI burrata & porcini $27 (Vegetarian)Artisanal Gnocchi with creamy burrata & porcini mushrooms (Parma, Italy)

    Squid ink TAGLIOLINI with langoustine $29Squid Ink fresh Tagliolini with wild langoustine (Scampi)

    cherry tomatoes & lemon zest

    Ossobuco & potatoes pure’ $29Braised veal shanks with mashed potatoes & roasted brussels sprouts

    Angus filet in Barolo wine $33Angus filet braised in Barolo wine with roasted potatoes,

    wild ramps & asparagus

    Octopus, potatoes & dried tomatoes $27Grilled octopus tentacles (Spain) with roasted potatoes,

    dried tomatoes & zucchini

    We can serve our boards with gluten free bread, $1,50 extra charge

    We can serve our main courses with gluten free options,$1,50 extra charge