From StoryTelling to StorySensing : Sensors at plat (sxsw 16 teaser)

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<ol><li> 1. Sensors at play- Teaser FROM STORYTELLING TO STORYSENSING </li><li> 2. We use sensors to explore and discover the environment around us, to feel more connected to our context and to nd ways control it. Sensing and Sensors </li><li> 3. Sensors allow us to see and capture invisible things about our world and ourselves. Sensing and Sensors </li><li> 4. 7/24/15 Hidden sensors Sensors are symbols of control and are hidden all around us. </li><li> 5. 7/24/15 Geeky sensors Sensors are at the base of the quantifying everything boom. </li><li> 6. Beautiful sensors Sensors are becoming products of their own, with aesthetics and functions that exceed pure monitoring. </li><li> 7. Kids are the true explorers of daily life. The earlier kids could know about their environment, especially the one that they cannot sense and feel themselves, the better they will be equipped to live in a more sensed and connected world. Could we transform sensors into a more playful,challenging and educational tool? What about playful sensors? </li><li> 8. 8 We will talk about Yibu. A first step in a new direction. </li><li> 9. 9 Rather than designing sensors to capture data </li><li> 10. why dont we build Acceptable and Playful things sitting in our homes? </li><li> 11. 11 Rather than adding new things to see </li><li> 12. 12 why dont we play and discover with the reality around us? </li><li> 13. SEE YOU IN AUSTIN! Rainer Wessler and Simone Rebaudengo </li></ol>