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<ul><li> 1. Comenius Come with Us </li> <li> 2. OF COURSE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS ... </li> <li> 3. Reading for Blind people HERE'S WHAT IT MEANS </li> <li> 4. The summary Our presentation Our theme Why we have chosen it What we did Our visit to the library Our interviews at the city Ren Pellet What we have concluded What we conclued We are very proud to introduce to you this project because we have set in all our energy. Thanks to Comenius , who has allowed us to meet other students from different countries, and also for allowing us to do research on a very exciting topic ! A big thanks to M.Buland ! Clara , Jamila , Nour , Sorenza and Alec </li> <li> 5. Our theme : Talking about people who cant read like us </li> <li> 6. Why did we chose this topic ? Well, it's because we thought this theme very exciting and because we didnt know a lot of things about it So it was an opportunity to learn a lot of new things . </li> <li> 7. Our visit to the Library For more information, we went to La mediatheque du 8me a public library situated not far from our school in our district . In Lyon , there are about ten public libraries , one in each district . Six of them have a section for visually-impaired or blind people .The central Library in La Part Dieu , in particular , is equipped with several computers and very modern equipment like braille display , which use very sophisticated software . Eigth Districts Library Library La Part Dieu </li> <li> 8. There we met a liberian who showed us books in braille language : </li> <li> 9. There are more books for child than books for adults , so adults have to listen their books on CDs . Books in braillle are very expensive and they are more big than normal books . </li> <li> 10. The assistant also showed us a room equipped with computers adapted for partially-sighted people . </li> <li> 11. He showed us recorded books on CD : </li> <li> 12. At the City Ren-Pellet : </li> <li> 13. We met visually impaired students ans interviews them : We ask them some question like : It is your font size ? Do you use special software? Do you like to reading ? What do you like to read? Are you in the boarder Cite Rene Pellet? Ect </li> <li> 14. Their tools : Writing machine It is very seldom used because few pupil cornbread the Braille letter Specialized keyboard This is a keyboard connected to the computer again it is little used Magnifying glass Magnifiers allow students to read "normally" </li> <li> 15. What we conclued : Reading is not just enjoying a story in a book or an article in a magazine .Reading is everywhere in our lives , at home in the morning when the coffee machine tells us on its screen is ready to make an expresso , or on the metro , when the screen of our mobile informs us of a message . In fact reading is an essential part of our everyday life , wherever we are : -at home , at work , in the street , in shops .. </li> <li> 16. More That is why its necessary in modern society to make things as easy as possible for partially-sighted or blind people , so that they may have a normal life. The first difficulty partially-sighted people have to have to face when they leave home is transport , how they can get to their destination . In the Lyon streets most crossroads are equipped with sound signals , which are auditive messages . At metro stations the buttons in the lifts are in two languages , in letters and in braille . In shops , more and more products are packagesd with braille signage on them . </li> <li> 17. The End </li> <li> 18. Comenius Come With Us </li> </ul>