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To perform storytelling sessions and workshops to children and adults in schools, libraries, art centres, festivals and galleries. My stories are collected from Irish and British folklore and consist of legends and myths from Saxon, Celtic and Norse cultures.


  • Storyteller

    Fran OBoyleMy stories come from the hills lakes woods and towns of these islands. They are made up of folk tales, urban myths and annecdotes.

    Storytelling is a way of developing listening and lan-guage skills as well as stimulatinge imagination.

  • Fran has honed his skills as a master storyte-ller over the years in schools, libraries, fes-tivals and museums all over the land

  • Fran can also bring history to life with his al-ter ago Julius Drake, a Victorian Storyte-ller. Authentic clothes, interesting arti-facts and amazing tales for all occasions.

    Fran's storytelling sessions are structured to cover many aspects of the National Curriculum from li-teracy, English, history science and drama in an entertaining and enjoyable way. He is ideal for schools, festivals, libraries and living history events.

    My mission is to leave my listeners enriched, both verba-lly and visually stimulated, encouraged and entertained.

  • Fran is a Shropshire based professional storyteller whos work has taken him on many adventures in schools, li-braries, art centres, festivals, young offenders institu-tes. He works in Saxon, Norse, Celtic and traveller folklore.

  • Reading to my Kids, Storytelling Workshop

    Is a workshop for parents who want to learn how to share the joy of books with their children. A child who is used to open the covers of a book, will be used to opening the doors of opportunity throughout its life. Frans storytelling workshops explore how narrative and structure work in ma-king a story and are designed to capture the ima-gination of both higher and lower sets. They en-rich vocabulary, exercise the imagination and germinate and interest in literature and reading.

    C h i l d r e n c o p y t h e i r p a r e n t s ,if they see you reading they will read.

  • Fran OBoyle also performes as himself in adult storytelling session.

  • How storytelling can help your child.Storytelling is a great way of developing and improving vital communication skills that will help your child in life.

    Listening Skills.The better a child's listening skills are the better that child is going to be at absorbing new information. Education and so-cial interaction will benefit from improved listening ability.

    Attention Skills. The ability to sit and pay attention to what is going on around them means that they will be aware of and able to take advantage of what is going on around them on, be it on a social, career or education level.

    Improved vocabulary.To express one's self in an exact and articulate way will have many ad-vantages. From explaining a situation or having a conversation to in-terviewing well or simply giving instructions. Being able to make one's self understood is a great gift that helps to make life easy.

    Literacy Skills.Storytelling is often seen by schools as a way of introducing children to lite-rature and helping to improve literacy skills. Understanding how stories are structured is half the battle when it comes to creative writing and reading fiction. This in turn can only help with language development in both first and second languages. Being able to express one's self clearly in writing is a great advantage in a world where literacy is in decline in developed countries.

    Improved Imagination.Problem solving and and producing ideas are skills that go hand in hand with a well developed imagination. They are abilities that are much sought after in industry and the arts. To be able to come up with solutions is going to make life a lot easier in general anyway. I child who has a good imagi-nation will see wonder and opportunity where others just see the ordinary.

    All of the above are ways in which storytelling can help to develop vital skills that will help them in education and give them pleasure to them at the same.

  • Contact Fran on

    +44 7807 260

    Look for me on Facebook as Storyteller Fran OBoyle, Sceala.