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We are glad to introduce our company named FOX BRAINS corporate gifts & best promotional ideas which can make your company a brand. We can print your company name and logo on gift items like pens, key chains, cardholders. Fox brains gives variety of quality services with the assurance of competitive costs and on time delivery. Innovative ideas for brand promotion, corporate communications, events organizing, digital media campaigns. SERVICES: Creative Designing Creative Advertisements, Logo and Brand Identity, Brochure & Docket, Leaflet Pamphlet, Print works designing Corporate Communications etc. for booking orders mail us on


<p>Manufacturing high quality</p> <p>Manufacturing high qualitywriting instruments andPromotional stationery.</p> <p>2013 Promotional Pens &amp;Stationery Catalogue</p> <p> FOX BRAINS: </p> <p> H.O. Add: 5th floor,Business classic Chincholi , S.V road Malad (west) Mumbai </p> <p>Branch office: Add:117/l/129 Naveen Nagar , Kanpur</p> <p>About usPromotional pens serve as a permanent business card that is useful toyour target audience. These logo pens can be used by your company tograb attention, boost your sales, say thank you, raise awareness,promote a campaign and spread the word about your cause or brand.</p> <p>While many companies and organizations use promotional pens asgiveaways at tradeshows, health fairs and special events, they can alsobe used as business gifts that have lasting value because of theirusefulness. Offering a promotional pen is a nice way of saying thankyou to clients and customers.</p> <p>There is no limit to the ways promotional pens can be used to market yourcompany or organization. Indeed, promotional pens are the best kind ofbusiness card you can give to a customer or client because they marketyour business while providing something useful at the same time..Promotional pens are our business and we cater all sorts of companies.Printing promotional pens with your Logo, Slogan or Catch phrase for all tosee. Weather you need budget promotional pens or Exclusive promotionalpens &amp; stationery; we accommodate your every need.</p> <p>2</p> <p>Exclusive Metal Pens</p> <p>SJ 500 SJ 501 SJ 502 SJ 518</p> <p>SJ 515 SJ 516 SJ - 517 SJ 504</p> <p>SJ 505 SJ 519 SJ 503 SJ 506</p> <p>SJ 507 SJ 508 SJ - 509 SJ 512</p> <p>3</p> <p>SJ 513 SJ 520 SJ 514 CS 208</p> <p>EP 201 RT 203 SS 212 RV 205</p> <p>RB 202 SF 200 SS 214 SS 209</p> <p>SS 210</p> <p>4</p> <p>Economic Metal Pens</p> <p>NP 1 NP 2 NP 3 NP 4</p> <p>NP 5 NP 6 NP 7 NP 8</p> <p>NP 9 NP 10 NP 11 NP 12</p> <p>NP 13 NP 14</p> <p>5</p> <p>NP 15 NP 16</p> <p>NP 17 NP 18 WOODY</p> <p>6</p> <p>Gift Box Pack for Metal Pens</p> <p>EC 01 EC 02 EC 03</p> <p>EC 04 EC 05 EC 06</p> <p>EC 07 EC 08 EC 09</p> <p>Printing (Optional) On the top of the Box at Extra Charge</p> <p>7</p> <p>Plastic Pens Top Click Side Push</p> <p>SM 300 SM 301 SM 302 SM 303</p> <p>SM 304 SM 305 SM 306 SM 306</p> <p>SM 309 SM 310 SM 319 SM 311</p> <p>SM 312 SM 313 SM 315 SM 314</p> <p>8</p> <p>SM 309 OP SM 321 SM 316 SM 317</p> <p>SM 318 SM 340</p> <p>Use &amp; Throw Ball pens</p> <p>DF 100</p> <p>9</p> <p>Push Action Pens</p> <p>SM 382 SM 381 SM 387 SM 380</p> <p>SM 386 SM 384 SM 385 SM 383</p> <p>SB 401 SB 406 SB 403 SB 407</p> <p>SB 404 SB 408</p> <p>10</p> <p>Plastic Pens Cap Press</p> <p>SM 320 KM 500 KM 502 KM 541</p> <p>KM 504 KM 543 KM 507 KM 510</p> <p>Sketch Pens (Water Colours)</p> <p>SP 001 MINI SP 002 MEDIUM SP 003 BIG</p> <p>11</p> <p>Pencils</p> <p> PC - 01Regular Pencils</p> <p> CP 02Carpenter Pencil</p> <p> CP 10Colour Pencils</p> <p>Exclusive Calligraphy Pens</p> <p>CL - 01 CL 02</p> <p>CL 03 CL 04</p> <p>12</p> <p>Information</p> <p>1. The brands mentioned do not imply any sales to their respective companies. It is strictly for identification purpose only.</p> <p>2. Mail us the product code along with the MOQ to get the pricing</p> <p>3. Delivery time depends on the product selected and the quantity required. Most products can be delivered within 3 4 weeks from the date of order confirmation</p> <p>4. Products will only be manufactured once we receive the proforma invoice</p> <p>5. Shipped Worldwide</p> <p>6. Prices are subject to change without prior notice, depending on the cost of raw materials</p> <p>A Pen is the tongue ofthe mind HORACE</p> <p>WE HOPE TOESTABLISH ASTRONGRELATION WITHYOU ANDCREATEEXCELLENTPROMOTIONALPRODUCTSTOGETHER.</p> <p>THANK YOU FORVIEWING THECATALOGUE</p> <p>13</p>