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FOX BRAINS is a solutions driven gifting Organization. Our mission is to simply make gifting easier. We are one of the best corporate gifting companies and we offer seasonal gifts to last-minute gifts, desktop gifts to outdoor gifts, small quantities to large quantities and trophies, leather articles, electronics, technical gifts etc. With over 30,000 products which includes brass , metal, iron, wall clocks, ceramic, sculptures, customized desktop , candles , candle stands, antiques, electronics, home appliance ,promotional t shirts , ball pens and many more Mission To be the most admired gifting company in the country. Vision To continuously improve our ability to provide an ever increasing range of promotional products to our clients. To wear our Customer Hat at all times and provide value to our clients and our vendors. Values We respect and nurture relationships. We honor our commitments, no matter what.



2. Flowers Wall HangingsFBXGS 231FBXGS 232Flowers Wall Hangings 3. Wall Hangings - Trees of LifeFBXGS 233 FBXGS 234 FBXGS 235 4. Metal Bonded Leaves Wall HangingsMetal Bonded Leaves Wall HangingsWall Hangings - Trees of LifeFBXGS 236FBXGS 237FBXGS 238 5. Wall Hangings - Trees of Life 6. Wall Hangings - Trees of Life 7. Aluminum Floral Wall ArtBeautiful aluminummetal walldecoration in floralwork forhome decoration &garden decoration,Size: 12"FBXN 3170Beautiful iron metal wall artdecoration in floral work forhome decoration & garden decoration.Decorative Floral Wall ArtFBXN WS1 8. FBX MI 873 FBX MI 874FBX MI 875 9. FBX MI 876FBX MI 890FBX MI 891 10. Beautiful iron metal wall art decoration in floral work forhome decoration & garden decoration.FBX NC488FBX MI87 FBX MI88 FBX MI8Hanging Decorative Plate Hanging Decorative Plate Hanging Decorative PlateMaterial : Brass , D -39 cm Material : Brass , D-18.5 cm Material : Brass , D-28 cm 11. FBX GS654 12. Decorative Wall Sculpture 13. We are offering high quality ofBuddha Face Statue to our clients.Any painting, like it can behistorical, social, traditional ormodern can be designed as perthe requirement. These focus onvaried themes and are availablein a blend of colors, texture andform. We offer these product atmarket leading priceBuddha Face StatueFBXSSA1FBXSSA2Buddha StatueFBXSSA3Buddha StatueBuddha Face Statue FBXSSA4 14. Buddha StatueFBXSSA5Buddha StatueFBXSSA6Brass Buddha StatueFBXARTX-543 15. We offer attractive andastonishing SeashellGanesha & Buddha's whichis available in differentshapes and sizes. We alsoprovide engravings andcoloring in a wide variety ofdesigns for Seashell Ganesha& Buddha's. 16. We offer attractive andastonishing Ganesha &Buddha's which isavailable in differentshapes and sizes. 17. We offer attractive andastonishing Ganeshawhich is available indifferent shapes andsizes. 18. We are among acknowledgedexporters, traders and suppliersof delicately crafted BuddhaHead Sculptures. Thesedecorative items feature intricatecarvings of different figures inexcellent quality aluminum, haverich blending of differentattractive colors to createstunning structures. Owing totheir brilliant features, these areideal for decorating variousspaces of offices, homes andhotels etc.Features:Intricate carvingsScratch proofSuperb polishingSpecifications:Material: AluminumHeight: 11 (28 cm)Length: 7 (18 cm)Width: 6 (15 cm)FBXOE-235FBXOE-236FBXAZE-23 19. FBXAZE-29Features:Long lasting sheenAvailable in different customized sizesIntricately designed 20. FBXGS-75 21. CANDLE HOLDERS 22. Candle HoldersFBXS16262Decorative Crown With T-LightFBXS 20580-AFBXS1908 23. Candle Pillar StandFBXNH-002Wire Candle HolderFBXNH-216Decorative Candle HolderFBXNH-229 24. Our team is engaged in providing awide range of Crystal CandleHolders to our respectedclients. Made with high quality, theseare used for gift and decorativepurpose. Our range is highlyappreciated for its craftsmanship anduniqueness. These holders are suitablefor industrial and residential adobe. Inaddition, our holders are tested onvarious parameters so they complywith international standards.FBXNH-4111 25. FBXAH-432FBXNH-4343FBXAH-434 26. FBXNH-4444FBXNH-4003FBXNH-4002FBXNH-4009 27. FBXNH-4005FBXNH-4006FBXNH-4007