fourth planning board hearing cushing village, belmont, ma - april 17, 2012

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  • 1. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAPresentation to Planning Board No 4Revisions to Size, Scale, and Mass Winslow Revised design, rear setbacks and massing, shadow impact Pomona Revised design, rear setbacks and massing, shadow impact Hyland New design, rear setbacks and massing, shadow impact Street Views with revised designs Fourth Floor Ratio Summary 1

2. Cushing VillageBelmont, MABuilding Height By-Right Massing at Residential Boundary PL 20 84MinimumSpecial Permit Height Setback = 32 32 H 28 20By-Right Height= 28 Max 45 deg 0 AVE GRADERESIDENTIAL LB-I DISTRICTDISTRICT Site Section Allowed By-right Footnote 9 - Adjacent to Residential District, no less than building height or 20 feet, whichever is greater. [28-ft is allowed by right, 32 by ZBA Special Permit]2 3. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAWINSLOWPreviousThe Winslow at Williston Rd.Issues 4th story at gable ends. Resolve awkward geometries and open flat roof.RESIDENTIALLB-I DISTRICTDISTRICT 3 4. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA WINSLOW ProposedThe Winslow at Williston Rd. Reduced prominence of gable ends Delete awkward angles Push back projection away from Williston St4 5. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAWINSLOWTrapelo Rd Elevations Reduced height of gable ends Push back projection away from Williston StProposedPrevious5 6. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA WINSLOW Trapelo Rd Elevations Reduced Mass at the peak Pushed back projection away from Williston St Deleted awkward anglesProposedPrevious6 7. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAWINSLOW Massing at Neighbors @ 19 Horne Rd (Midpoint)PL4131.7520 MinimumSetback19 Horne Rd45 degRESIDENTIALDISTRICT LB-I DISTRICT Site Section - ProposedLocus7 8. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA Winslow Setbacks1st Floor Plan 4th Floor Plan8 9. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAWinslow Shadow Study 9 10. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAWinslow Shadow Study10 11. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAWinslow Shadow Study11 12. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAPOMONAPreviousThe Pomona on Horne Rd. IssuesInsufficient stepping at the 4th floor. 12 13. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA POMONA ProposedThe Pomona on Horne Rd.Step back @ fourth floor13 14. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA Lowered Tower POMONA Lowered Parapet Common StElevation Proposed Previous 14 15. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA Lowered Tower POMONA Trapelo RdElevation Lowered ParapetProposedPrevious15 16. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA POMONALowered parapet and gable roofInterior DrivewayReduced mass & increased setbackElevation Proposed Previous 16 17. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA POMONA Horne Rd Elevation Lowered parapet and gable roofProposedPrevious 17 18. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA POMONAMassing at Neighbors @ 13 Horne Rd PL50 60 45-55Closest distance shown20 MinimumSetback 13 Horne Rd 45 deg0 AVE GRADE RESIDENTIAL LB-I DISTRICTDISTRICTSite Section - ProposedLocus18 19. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAPomona Setbacks1st Floor Plan 4th Floor Plan 19 20. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAPomona Shadow Study 20 21. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAPomona Shadow Study 21 22. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAPomona Shadow Study 22 23. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHYLAND Previous The Hyland on Belmont StIssuesToo high; gives perception of five stories.Stepping back not sufficient;too much mass.Too much of a flat wall.Disliked aesthetics of the Hyland.-We will redesign using neighborhoodforms and reduced massing.#569 Belmont St.23 24. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA HYLAND Proposed The Hyland on Belmont StRemove highest levelStep back fromresidencesVary wall planes#569 Belmont St.24 25. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA HYLAND PreviousThe Hyland on Horne Rd.Issues Remove highest level Insufficient Stepping RESIDENTIALLB-I DISTRICT DISTRICT #16 Horne Rd.25 26. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA HYLANDProposedThe Hyland on Horne Rd.Remove added levelStep back @ residences 26 27. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA HYLANDBelmont Street Elevation 27Common Street Elevation 28. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHYLANDHorne Road Elevation West Elevation 28 29. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHyland Floor Plans1st Floor Plan 2nd Floor Plan3rd Floor Plan 4th Floor Plan29 30. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA HYLANDMassing at Neighbors @ 569 Belmont StPL382724 20Minimum Setback569 Belmont St45 deg 0 AVE GRADERESIDENTIAL LB-IDISTRICTDISTRICTSite Section - ProposedLocus30 31. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHYLAND Massing at Neighbors @ 16 Horne Rd PL 42 30 2220 MinimumSetback 16Horne Rd16 Horne Rd45 deg0 AVE GRADE LB-I RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT DISTRICTSite Section - Proposed Locus31 32. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHyland Setbacks1st Floor Plan 4th Floor Plan32 33. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHyland Shadow Study33 34. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHyland Shadow Study 34 35. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAHyland Shadow Study35 36. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA Building Area 4th Floor RatioLot Area 86,073 SF4th Floor 35,441SF 41% of Lot Area4th Floor as a ratio of Building Area = 19%Revised Plan 36 37. Cushing VillageBelmont, MAStreetscapeCommon Street ProposedPrevious 37 38. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA Streetscape Trapelo RoadProposedPrevious38 39. Cushing VillageBelmont, MA Summary Size, Scale & Mass We have provided a contextual basis for determining the impact on neighboring properties forsize, scale, and mass. The By-Right view and light angle provides a means of evaluating whether the size, scale, and massadversely impacts the neighbors. Site sections along with the shadow studies show that the impact on the revised proposal iscomparable to the By-Right impact. The Fourth Floor has been reduced so as to have minimal impact on neighboring properties. The Hyland is designed to transition to neighborhood scale and to provide a complement to the otherCushing Village buildings.39