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  1. 1. Making visible the invisible in the hypertextual space Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Associate Professor, E. W. Scripps School of Journalism Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University ferrierm@ohio.edu; @mediaghosts The View from Here And Here
  2. 2. Associate Professor , Journalism Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University, OH; ferrierm@ohio.edu; Twitter: @mediaghosts President, Journalism That Matters Founder, Create or Die Startup Gatherings Founder, TrollBusters | @yoursosteam Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Digital Identity and Reputation Management; Online Communities Educator Entrepreneur Mentor Scholar New Media Innovator Dr. Michelle Ferrier
  3. 3. My WorldView
  4. 4. Innovation Activities What was it? BBS/Fax on Demand (Intrapreneur) Early technology adoption with members NEAOnline (Intrapreneur) Developed first web presence for National Education Association on AOL SimSchool (Intrapreneur) Development of school system simulation at NEA Education Insider (Entrepreneur) Magazine startup for parents of school-aged children EHCWired.com (Intrapreneur) First independent online college news site; first online course at the college (2002). Media Power Lunch (Entrepreneur) Short, online learning for beginning journalists (MediaBistro predecessor) Highlands Family (Entrepreneur) Hyperlocal, hybrid online/print news for families in Appalachia CopyWash.com (Entrepreneur) Online copy editing services Digital Identity/Reputation Management (Entrepreneur) Patent pending technology on managing identity from one platform MyTopiaCafe.com (Intrapreneur) Online community for newspaper nonsubscribers LocallyGrownNews.com (Entrepreneur) Hyperlocal online news franchise Media Deserts Project (Researcher) Uses GIS technologies to make visible the media ecosystem. TrollBusters Natural Language Processing and Positive Messaging System
  5. 5. My Research Agenda 1. Media Deserts Project: Way of "seeing" that provides high-level view of the ecosystem. 2. Media Entrepreneurship: Creating pathways to innovation inside and outside the classroom. 3. Digital Identity and Reputation Management: TrollBusters and addressing cyberharassment. Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Ohio University, @mediaghosts
  6. 6. Media Deserts: Defining Question How have communities been affected by the changing media ecosystem?
  7. 7. Media Deserts Project Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Ohio University, @mediaghosts Using GIS tools, we map media deserts -- places where fresh news and information is lacking. Modeled after the USDA Food Access Locator Map
  8. 8. What is a Media Desert? Working Definition A media desert is a geographic area that is lacking fresh news and information. This condition may be as a result of a lack of content, access, language barriers and other issues. Framework of Analysis I use Lawrence Lessigs concept of communications architecture: CODE: Language, spoken or written or computer languages CONTENT: News, information, images CONDUIT: Newspapers, radio, mobile. Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Elon University, @mediaghosts
  9. 9. Newspaper Layoffs and Buyouts Year 2007 2008 2009 2010 Layoffs and Buyouts 2,256+ (partial data) 15,992+ 14,783+ 2,828+ Dr. Michelle Ferrier, Ohio University, @mediaghosts 120+ newspapers More than 120 newspapers have ceased operation in the United States since 2008.
  10. 10. Findlay in Hancock County, Ohio State Maps: Ohio
  11. 11. The Media Deserts Project Awareness Action Audit of Community Information Sources Visualization of Current Information Sources Content Analysis of Existing Sources Assessing Community Characteristics for Sustainable Media Enterprises Community Engagement through Focused Gatherings Engaging Key Stakeholders in Developing Sustainable Media Enterprises Developing Face-to-Face and Virtual Public Spaces for Engagement/Community Conversations
  12. 12. Under Threat International News Safety Institute, 2015
  13. 13. Under Threat International News Safety Institute, 2015
  14. 14. Online Harassment: 40% and growing Women publishers experience cyberbullying on their sites. General news sites have struggled with moderating online commenting.
  15. 15. Women Live Online andThatsWhereThey Find Us
  16. 16. Women Journalists AreTargeted Online
  17. 17. Our Solution
  18. 18. Our Goal: Fighting Hate with


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