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The newest collection in the world of luxury.


  • Th e N e w e s t C o l l e c t i o n I n Th e Wo r l d O f L u x u r y

    A story of passion and love written by a husband and wife team, the Thompson Ferrier candle collection was named after the restaurant where the couple first met and the street on which they had their first date. A mlange of fashion and art, their

    journey is captured in this exquisite line of luxury candles. Carefully formulated using only the finest oils, these scented candles show attitude and will surprise you with their fusion of layered notes. Five carefully selected international perfumers

    with cultural diversity were brought together to help create a fragrance line that is approachable, fun and out of the ordinary. Years of development were involved in the sculpting of the glass design and box packaging. The result is a brand that stands

    unique in the luxury market. These perfectly balanced chic candles smell complex, rich and are so beautiful they have even been described as perfumed candles. They add sophistication to any room and are packaged in an elegant reusable lacquer box. Reed

    diffusers, travel tins, holiday fragrances and packaging accessories are all part of the new collection. Look for the launching of their Fine Fragrances Winter 2013!

  • 4Bulgarian RoseBulgarian Rose Sweet Cassis Vanilla Orchid Lilac Bloom Strawberry Seed Golden HoneyBulgarian Rose is a modern yet classic deep red rose fragrance delicately blended with sweet cassis. From the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria, essential oils are derived from the rose petals transporting you to a fresh rose garden. With undertones of vanilla and golden honey, our fragrance is infused with strawberry seed and blooming lilac.

    Mudan PeonyMandarin Velvet Peach Mudan Peony Pink Camelia Rosewood Sheer AmberMudan Peony is a happy and lively spirited fragrance with fresh and airy notes placing one in the Far East. Like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, it has a lush scent with a beautiful and unique, decadent aroma.

    Rhubarb AniseDelicate GardeniaFruity Guava Delicate Freesia Elegant Gardenia Frangipani Warm Amber Sheer Musk Delicate Gardenia is a distinct and elegant fragrance with clean rich white petal notes prized by many cultures. With a beautiful refreshing floral scent of an orchard in full bloom, its captivating scent makes it our best seller.

    French TuberoseNectarine Violet Leaf Vintage Tuberose Patchouli Warm Vanilla Amber WoodsFrench Tuberose is a timeless classic fragrance with rich floral notes reminiscent of the South of France. This fragrant blend creates

    a sensuous, sweet and intoxicating floral aroma.

    Bamboo JasmineBamboo Leaf Jasmine Petals Fresh Grass Plumeria Bloom White Lily Vetiver Mist Clove BudBamboo Jasmine is a warm and exotic sweet-smelling floral and woody fragrance. From the Far East, the bamboo leaf and jasmine

    union is a calming yet romantic fragrance infused with a blooming bouquet of the fragrant plumeria, lily and jasmine. Vetiver, also

    known as the oil of tranquility, is blended with clove bud making this a classic and timeless fragrance.

    O u r F r a g r a n c e s

    Rhubarb AniseAnise Rhubarb Strawberry Sugarcane Black Licorice A Touch of Red Raspberries Rhubarb Anise is a youthful refreshing fragrance with crisp and sweet energizing notes. With its decadent fruity aroma, it brings spring and summer to your living space year round.

  • 5Cassis PomegranateJuicy Guava Pink Grapefruit Black Currant Ruby Pomegranate Coconut Milk Island VanillaCassis Pomegranate is an uplifting, energizing and refreshing fragrance with fruity, juicy and zesty notes. The different fruit

    fragrances come through clearly in this delightful candle, whether it is lit or not.

    Tabac RoseSweet Orange Crystal Ginger Spicy Rose Cardamom Tobacco Leaf Mystical IncenseTabac Rose is an adventurous, intriguing, and exotic fragrance. The soft fruit and floral notes mix with the rugged notes of spice and

    tobacco making it a full-bodied fragrance with distinct layers.

    Golden AmbarRhubarb AniseFresh Pine & EucalyptusFresh Pine Evergreen Eucalyptus Pink Pepper HollyberryFresh Pine & Eucalyptus is a crisp, winter white fragrance. Made with mountain fir and essential aromatic eucalyptus oils, this

    fragrance is both captivating and refreshing. This is not only a holiday fragrance but also an exquisite year-round scent.

    Vanilla NoirMandarin Pineapple Leaf Vanilla Noir Black Rose Nutmeg SandalwoodVanilla Noir is a comforting and soothing fragrance with a deep woody and sweet warm aroma placing one in South America or Madagascar.

    Golden AmberTobacco Patchouli Leaf Touch of Rose Golden Amber Warm Balsam SandalwoodGolden Amber is a nostalgic fragrance with warm, inviting and traditional notes. It is smoky, resinous, leathery and woody, reminiscent of an aged red wine.

    Kashmiri SpiceChai Spice Ginger Root Black Tea Nutmeg Cinnamon Bark A Hint of VanillaKashmiri Spice is an exotic and inviting fragrance that carries rich and warm notes reminding one of a Moroccan spice market.

    O u r F r a g r a n c e s

  • 6Arnaud Winter Arnaud Winter is a 1991 graduate of the International School of Perfumery in Paris, France. After his internship at Laboratoires Monique Remm -Grasse he joined Cosmo Internacional Fragrances in 1993. Arnauds love of fragrance is evident when he speaks. For me, perfume

    is a melange of fashion and art, its all about expressing feelings and emotions in a puff of wind. Fragrance is about luxury and passion yet it must also

    be approachable and fun, I like fragrances with attitude. He believes that his designs can influence moods and personality, that the best thing about a

    fragrance is that it can always be with you, everywhere you go, touching your heart and mind.

    O u r P e r f u m e r s

    Esther Morales Esther Moraless path in the perfume industry is as unique as the fragrances she creates. Esther discovered her passion for this field at the age of 18, when she was recruited and trained by the Cuban fragrance company Suchel Fragancias, where she stayed for 26 years. During

    her tenure she acquired her Chemical Engineering degree at Havanas Superior Technical Institute. In 2004 Esther came to the United States and

    joined Cosmo International Fragrances in 2009. When asked about the meaning of her craft, Esther responds: Perfumery is an art where one can

    express ideas, feelings, and moods. It is the power of being able to materialize everything man can imagine into a fragrance.

    Marc Blaison Marc Blaison studied chemistry for five years and later, still chasing his dream, he attended the international school of Perfumery in Paris. After graduating in 1989, he did apprenticeships with Christian Dior, Mane LTD in the south of France and BBA in both London and Paris.

    A year later, Marc joined Cosmo International Fragrances in sunny Fort Lauderdale Florida. Those who know him say he works too much, that he is

    always full of energy and loves a challenge. Marc himself says Ive always done my best to give everything possible, to never fail. Marcs passion is

    perfumery and creating the best scents available anywhere. He gathers inspiration from his travels, his family and from his love of music. After all he tells us fragrance, is about emotion, about dreams and eliciting reactions, it mirrors life!

    Constance Georges-Picot Constance Georges-Picot is a French perfumer who places all of her heart, soul and passion into the art of fragrance design. Constance discovered her love for scents and aromas while traveling with her parents at a young age. She has translated it into a life long vocation. In 1989, she graduated from the Institut Suprieur International du Parfum de la Cosmtique et de lAromatique Alimentaire (ISIPCA) and joined Takasago International in Paris where she worked for eight years. In 1997, she was recruited by Cosmo International Fragrances (Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA). When asked, Constance speaks of perfumery in an excited and emotional tone my work is an extension of my life, I want to share that enthusiasm with everyone by creating inspirational fragrances.

    Marie Hugentobler Marie Hugentoblers interest in fragrances and the powerful emotions raised by them were the driving forces to lead her to perfumery. After having graduated at the International School of Perfumery (ISIPCA) in Paris, she chose to broaden her professional and cultural

    horizon and moved to England to join Quintessence (Goldfield Fragrances). Located in both England and India, she had the opportunity to discover

    the particularities of both the European and Asian markets and to gain experience in all product categories. Then she yearned for a new challenge and joined Cosmo International Fragrances in 2007. At the age of 27, the significant challenge for her was to create and manage Cosmos first European

    Development Center in Nyon, Switzerland. The results are promising as Cosmo has become part of the European olfactive creation scene.

  • 8Thompson Ferriers White Collection is an assortment of floral and fruity fragances. Each frosted glass vessel is hand-etched and has a built in coaster. Each of our designs, either round or square shaped, are unique to the brand. Both styles have a patent design so that

    they are truly one -of-a kind. In keeping with the philosophy of our brand, even our packaging is creative, chic and functional. Pull off the sticker and you have a beautiful reusable black lacquer box.

    Proprietary Soy Blend Wax. Please remember to always trim the wick.

    Wholesale Price : $32.00 Suggested Retail Price: $68.00 Wholesale Case Pack of 4: $128.00 Tester Price: $16.00

    Round Wh


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