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<p> 1. How to be a Fearless Investor &amp; Build a Killer Portfolio Sandy Chaikin June 2, 2015 2. 2 2013 Chaikin Analytics All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. Youre About to Discover How to Take Control of Your Financial Future And Find Winning Stocks 3. So You Can Gain confidence and . have Peace of Mind! 4. Women Have Clout: 40% of women out-earn their spouses 9 out of 10 women expect to be sole financial decision maker Women more likely to inherit wealth or businesses Take active role in determining how family saves, spends and invests 5. What Do Women Want? Financial peace of mind: 7x more important than accumulating wealth Want to be empowered to make own financial decisions Financial security Want to communicate in a way they can understand (no jargon) 6. But, Women Only 37% feel confident in making financial decisions 47% of female wealth creators and 75% of women under 40 dont have an advisor 7. Poor Performance, When You Go It Alone: Last 30 years, average investor in mutual funds made 3.8% a year vs. 11.1% in S&amp;P 500 Over past decade, median returns for men and women 7.3% 8. Youre About to Discover How to Make More Money! 9. 9 2013 Chaikin Analytics All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. Youre About to Discover How to Take Control of Your Financial Future 10. Confidence Booster I can do it! Sandy affirmed that I know more than I think I do about how to use the tools and because shes using them successfully with a similar novice background to mine, then I can too. It was a real confidence booster. WS 11. So You Can have Peace of Mind 12. And can afford to spend more time doing what you want 13. August 2015 Vail, Colorado 14. The Challenge: too much information 15. My Solution: Chaikin Analytics 16. A disciplined approach 17. The Chaikin Methodology: How To Find the Best Stocks 1. Use a proven methodology you trust 2. Play good offense to find winners 3. Use industry groups to find more winners 4. Know when to buy and sell - signals 5. Play good defense to avoid landmines 18. 18 2013 Chaikin Analytics All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. In Control vs. Panic! 19. Quoted by and seen on 20. Testimonial An Experts Endorsement self-directed investors need a very structured and easy-to-use system that will keep them out of trouble. Thats the way Chaikin Analytics was designed. Tom Lloyd, author and lecturer 21. Step 1: Use a Proven Methodology The Chaikin Power Gauge Simple but Powerful 22. The Chaikin Power Gauge Clear, tested summary of a stocks potential Price/Volume Activity Price Trend Price Trend Rate of Change Chaikin Money Flow Relative Strength vs. Market Volume Trend Expert Opinions Earnings Estimate Revisions Short Interest Insider Activity Analyst Opinions Relative Strength vs. Industry Financial Metrics LT Debt to Equity Ratio Price to Book Value Return on Equity Price to Sales Ratio Business Value Earnings Performance Earnings Surprise Earnings Growth Earnings Trend Earnings Consistency Projected P/E Ratio 23. Testimonial Not Enough Time I am an individual investor and trader. There is not enough time in my day to do the work Chaikin Analytics puts before me in minutes. I am 'wowed'. And yes, you can quote me. Cheryl (California) Chaikin Analytics Subscriber 24. Step 2: Play Good Offense 25. What to Buy: Classic Bulls Strong Industry Group Power Gauge Rating Bullish Price Trend Up Relative Performance Strong Chaikin Money Flow Strong 26. Southwest +126% in 2014 ... Luv It! 27. Skyworks (SWKS) +156% in 2014 +45% YTD! 28. Testimonial Thanks! I am thrilled that I got the heads up to go long SWKS before earnings the first week I subscribed to the service. That trade paid for my entire yearly subscription. And I want to compliment you on your user friendly App. PH 7/21/14 Chaikin Analytics Subscriber 29. Bought Centene 2/2/15 30. Centene: Price to Sales 31. Centene: Expert Opinions 32. Step 3: Use Industry Groups 33. Medical Care Stocks 06/01/15 34. Aetna: +35% YTD 35. Anthem +34% YTD 36. United Health Group +20% YTD 37. Testimonial Chaikin is in good company: one way to locate a good stock is to locate the right industry. Chaikins approach recommends both specific stocks and industries to swap for weaker performers. Mike Hogan 38. Step 4: Know When to Buy &amp; Sell Buy Signals Sell Signals Oversold Buy Breakout Buy Reversal Buy Money Flow Buy Relative Strength Buy Rel. Strength Breakout Buy Overbought Sell Breakdown Sell Reversal Sell Money Flow Sell Relative Strength Sell Rel. Strength Breakdown Sell With Chaikin Buy/Sell Signals 39. Alerts: My Watch List 06/01/15 40. Jetblue Airways: Relative Strength Buy 06/01/15 41. Alerts: Knoll in Strongest Group 42. Alerts: My Watch List 05/14/15 43. Today: AMCX 06/01/15 44. Step 5: Play Good Defense 45. What to Avoid: Classic Bears Power Gauge Rating Bearish Price Trend Down Relative Performance Weak Chaikin Money Flow Weak Price Overbought 46. ConocoPhillips 47. Alcoa 48. Yahoo! . Yikes! 49. Netflix: 10/15 Earnings Play 50. Testimonial Quick $21,500 Profit Using the Upcoming Earnings Ideas in Chaikin Analytics, Netflix had a Very Bearish ratingBought three put contracts before earnings on 10/15 for $22.20 and sold the day after earnings for $93.90. A quick $21,500 profit JV . John V, Chaikin Analytics Subscriber 51. Lets Recap the 5 Steps: 1. Use a proven methodology you trust 2. Play good offense to find winners 3. Use industry groups to find more winners 4. Know when to buy and sell - signals 5. Play good defense to avoid landmines 52. Gained confidence using the Chaikin 5-Step Method Consistently beat S&amp;P 500 &amp; most pros Found 2 best stocks in 2014 Most importantly Peace of Mind My Results 53. So, What is Your Next Step? 54. From Here to Hawaii I followed your AMZN trade . Great trade!! Profit covered next year's total cost of our two months in Hawaii, after taxes! My wife thanks you and I thank you. RW 55. 56 2013 Chaikin Analytics All Rights Reserved. Proprietary and Confidential. What Chaikin Adds And 56. Free Benefits: Chaikin Insights NEW! 57. Stocks of the Week 58. Power Gauge Reports 59. Portfolio Health Check 60. Testimonial On the strength of Chaikin Analytics, Ive made enough money to pay all my living expenses for the past 18 months and consider managing my money now "my job", because in using Chaikin Tools, I can earn much more than I could in the workplace: pretty important for a woman living on her own. My girlfriends are a bit in awe. PH, Chaikin Analytics Subscriber 61. 3 Mo. Real World Price $550 Webinar Special: Expires Midnight (EDT) Friday 6/5 Only $399 http://chaikinanalytics.com/sandy Offer Code: SANDYQTR Or contact sales 1877MYPORTFOLIO, 1-877-697-6783 sales@chaikinanalytics.com For Your First 3 Months of Chaikin Analytics 62. Fast Action Bonus $399 Subscribe by 12:00am ET, Tonight and Take Additional $50 off Only $349 http://chaikinanalytics.com/sandy Or contact 1877MYPORTFOLIO 1-877-697-6783 sales@chaikinanalytics.com Offer Code: SANDYQTR (case sensitive) For Your First 3 Months of Chaikin Analytics 63. Start Investing Smarter Now Get 3 Months for the Price of 2 + $ Thousands in Added Value $349 for 3 month subscription to Chaikin Analytics save $201! Subscription to Chaikin Power Suite save $150! FREE hands-on tutorials help you set up and use all the features and apply to your trading and investing style FREE Subscriber-Only Open Forums live bi-monthly sessions show you how to make money now Daily Morning Insights Chief Market Strategist John Schlitz recaps the previous day, what to expect today, specific buy/sell stock ideas 64. Chaikin Analytics http://www.chaikinanalytics.com/sandy Offer Code: SANDY Expires Midnight Friday, June 5, 2015 Or 1877MYPORTFOLIO 1-877-697-6783 sales@chaikinanalytics.com Sign Up Today! 65. Follow me on @SandyChaikin /SandyChaikin Sandy Betner Chaikin 66. Send Us Your Feedback. get.chaikinanalytics.com/feedback I just watched Sandys webinar . Fabulous!!! Ive sat through several other Chaikin webinars. Hers convinced me that I am ready to start investing using Chaikin. Chaikin Analytics Subscriber </p>