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Fast Food Copywriting

From the War Room Of: Robert Plank Date: Tuesday, 11:00 AM I market on the internet but I'm mainly a programmer. Several years ago I told a complete stranger at an internet marketing event:

"I wish I was more like you. I can program scripts but sales copy takes me a long, long time. I wish I was the kind of person who would write great copy."

I didn't know it at the time, but that one random sentence out of my mouth EVENTUALLY made me realize that I'm a fast food copywriter. What the heck is a fast food copywriter? It's someone who can write sales copy to promote a product that's good enough. That person can write sales letters quickly and consistently. When you go to a fast food restaurant, you go there to save time and money. You get your food in a matter of minutes, instead of 30 minutes or an hour... you are usually served in less than five minutes -- sometimes in under a minute. The "food" doesn't have to be unhealthy (ever been to Subway Sandwiches?) -- it just has to be fast, and taste the same every time. Multinational fast food chains have tweaked their "production formula" to perfection: adjusting assembly lines, electronic equipment, training methods, packing materials, and preservatives. Similarly, I've been adjusting my copywriting formula over time, and the end result of that is a special report I have for you called: "Fast Food Copywriting."

"Perfect If You Need Copy

"Even An Old Dog Like Me

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28/07/2012 3:07 PM

Fast Food Copywriting

Learned New Tricks" Real Quick!"I bought it, and I loved it. Granted, learning how to write killer copy is still the most important skill you will ever learn in your business. But if you're in a hurry or you want to avoid dishing out thousands of dollars for a decent copywriter, this special report is a fantastic shortcut! If you need copy real quick, this is perfect for you... Michel Fortin Professional Copywriter Ottawa, ON, Canada I liked the way you had of setting up a simple letter anyone could follow. I liked the idea of looking at a letter to see what gets you to read (or keep reading), and then making whatever got you to do that part of your swipe file. I like the idea of striving for 7 word sentences. Certainly I've heard (and said) before that one should use short sentences. But having a goal of 7 words is an interesting and useful way to keep the words down. Even an old dog like me learned some new tricks. David Deutsch Professional Copywriter Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Imagine for a moment that you're already great fast food copywriter. You make serious money on the net using any or all of the following techniques:

Scenario #1: Resale RightsYou're snatching up resale rights or private label rights to products, one at a time. You write a totally new sales letter for the product. You promote it... use it to build a list... then use those profits to buy MORE resale rights products. You're growing your list exponentially.

Scenario #2: Affiliate ProgramsI don't even know how many thousands of affiliate programs are available in your niche for you to join. The problem... everyone promotes the EXACT same sales letter! You're smarter than the Average Joe, however.

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28/07/2012 3:07 PM

Fast Food Copywriting

You're writing your own unique copy and leave others scratching their heads in disbelief as your copy speaks directly to the people you're trying to target, while everyone else fails miserably with mass-market "spray and pray" cookie-cutter web sites.

Scenario #3: Joint VenturesYou've made friends with another internet marketer, or you see a product idea you really like but it's being marketed poorly. One day you call your friend on the phone and say: "You spend three months developing and debugging your product and I'll spend three days writing the copy and we'll split the profits 50/50." Okay, you wouldn't use such harsh language, but you'd still spend three days MAXIMUM to whip up some sales copy that will generate an extra few hundreds of dollars per month consistently for years to come.

Scenario #4: Copywriting ServicesIf you want an easy way to make some quick emergency cash, you could send a quick e-mail to your list and offer one slot of copywriting for 500 bucks. "Unbeatable" copy costs thousands of dollars and takes months to write... but because you're a fast food copywriter, you take that $500 and spend 2 to 3 hours banging out a lightning-fast sales letter that gets the job done.

With the simple directions I give you in my Fast Food Copywriting special report, you won't produce awardwinning sales copy that takes months and months of painstaking work to write. Instead, you will be able to consistently write satisfactory sales letters that are selling within a matter of hours... GUARANTEED! Let's go over some more reasons why writing your own copy is the best way for you to crank up your online income to the "full blast" setting...

How much does product development cost you? Let me rephrase that: How Much Money Do You Flush Down The Toilet Every Time You Create A New Product? Let's make a quick total... Product creation: $500 to $1500 Sales letter graphics: $50 to $300 Copywriting fees: $500 to $2500

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28/07/2012 3:07 PM

Fast Food Copywriting

Estimated total: $1050 to $4300 per product. The above shows an "average" cost of $2675 per product. If you were selling a little $7 special report, do you know how many sales you'd have to make just to break even? 382 sales, that's how many! After 382 sales, you've finally made zero dollars and can begin the long slow trek towards making a little bit of pocket change to pay some bills. I forgot other hidden fees like web hosting, advertising costs, transaction fees, taxes, and time wasted dealing with support issues. Some copywriters insist on taking a percentage of your profits as well! On top of ALL that, you have to repeat the process every time you create a new product! Do you make 5 to 10 sales a week? Then it will take you one YEAR just to break even, and by that time your product's information could be outdated or copied by other marketers.

"Would Have Paid 10X the Price Just For Page Five"Robert, I'd have been willing paid ten times my investment in "Fast Food Copywriting" just for the insights on Page 5. This is a great little book. A book that I will be recommending to anyone who wants to sell their own products. John Taylor, Ph.D. Creator, AdTrackPro

I can't promise you'll get rich overnight, or that you'll become a millionaire by this time next year. Those just aren't reasonable claims. But I can promise you that if you work smarter instead of putting in any extra time, you will notice a nice improvement in your online business. If you launched one product a month this year, and wrote your own "average" copy for each product, you'd save $6,000 to $30,000 in copywriting fees.

What would you do with the extra $6,000 per year you saved?Buy a car for your college kid, or put some money away into a college fund if you don't have children yet. Choose four friends or family members and pay for a non-stop flight plus a 2-week vacation in Rome, Italy... every single year! Create a financial safety net where you could survive for a couple months if you were laid off, fired, or quit.

What would you do with the extra $30,000 per year you saved?

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28/07/2012 3:07 PM

Fast Food Copywriting

Pay for a 5-month world cruise for two that includes free food, lodging, Internet, and dance lessons, with stops in New York, Los Angeles, Panama, Mexico, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, India, Greece, and England. Make double payments on your mortgage to get your house paid off early, or help out someone you know who has suffered a financial disaster. Retire 1-2 full years early, or take time off to care for an elderly family member or a newborn child.

"Conquered Writer's Block... Forever!"Hi Robert, I invested in "Fastfood Copywriting" a while back and it has tremendously helped me in writing copy for my Expert Persuader site at my site and my clients' sites. Before, I sometimes get writer's block; but since using Method #3 on Page 12, I've always been able to conquer this challenge and have been able to write copy any time in a breeze. My brain is now completely wired for quick and EASY copywriting. Thanks for a very valuable product. Michael Lee Persuasion Expert and Professional Copywriter

You have to spend the time explaining what you want from them, wait for them to come up with a sales letter, tell them you want more changes... wait even longer... then REPEAT THE PROCESS! All the while hoping your copywriter doesn't hike up his fees for the extra time spent. Let's face it... if you really enjoyed babysitting others, you'd be a parole officer, junior high teacher, or a 60-hour work week middle management slave.

Robert, thanks for the massive expansion of the tips already revealed in your blog. I'm eagerly searching for the time-travel information* so I really can get more writing done in less time. John Williams Instructor, EzyMagic* The time travel information is on page 13, paragraph 6...

You got into marketing on the Internet because you want freedom... but no one is going to just hand you your freedom. You have to earn it.

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Fast Food Copywriting

If you ask me, taking one day out of the month to write some quick sales copy -getting it d