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  • 1. Inma Gc A vs. healthy food fast food Class discussion
  • 2. Class Inma Gc A Eat health? What does healthy eating mean? The importance of a well-balanced diet
  • 3. Class Inma Gc A How often do you eat all of these food? Do you think these are healthy food?
  • 4. Class Inma Gc A What about these other food?
  • 5. Class Inma Gc A Do you take exercise? or spend many hours in front of the computer/TV?
  • 6. Class discussion The Healthy Eating Inma Gc A
  • 7. Class discussion Now, you are going to watch a Inma Gc A SUPER SIZE ME Pay attention to the video and answer the following questions
  • 8. Class discussion QUESTIONS 1. How many American are overweight? overweight? Inma Gc A Thats adults. 2. That s more than ...% of USA adults. Whats America? 3. What s the fattest state in America? speakers 4. What did speaker s mother do every single day?day? whats nowadays? 5. And what s happening nowadays? Whats America? 6. What s the first leading cause of death in America? 7. What did American people do in 2002? Why? Why? 8. What kind of restaruant was sued? sued? 9. How many American visit a fast food restaurant each day?day? 10.What 10.What does famous chain of restaurants do business around world? the world? 11.How 11.How many businesses could you find around the world?world? 12.How restaurant? 12.How many people eat in this kind of restaurant? 13.Why Spain"? 13.Why does the speaker mention "Spain"? 14.Where 14.Where can you even find this famous restaurant? restaurant?
  • 9. Class Inma Gc A And where does our responsibility stop and corporate responsibility begin? Is fast food really bad for us?
  • 10. Inma Gc A Thanks! Class discussion


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