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Explainer video on your website can decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate.Videos are easy to share and is more likely to go viral thereby attracting a lot of traffic to your website. Share on Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter the appeal is consistent. These allow your potential customers to see your product or service in action reinforcing need and inspiring confidence. Videos simulates both visual and auditory senses and help us retain 68% more information compared to plain text. White Ideas Media helps you create video assets where the message is the king. Supported by a great script, storyboard, animation and sound design you can make an impactful explainer video and let your brand shine.


  • 2. Explainer video is a perfect tool for 1. Business story 2. Product overview 3. Service or solution 4. DIY videos 5. Presentation of complex ideas 6. Testimonials 7. Answer to any what, why and how
  • 3. Explainer videos can be of different styles 1. Icon 2. Cut out 3. Character 4. Expressions 5. Whiteboard 6. Live action with motion graphics
  • 4. Why use video? 1. Websites with videos are 50 times more likely to appear on first page of Google 2. Visitors who view videos are 64-85% more likely to purchase after watching a video 3. Shoppers who viewed video on stacks and stacks product pages are 144% more likely to add to cart" than other shoppers 4. Impact research indicates 60 seconds video is worth 1.8 million words 5. Explainer video are not expensive thus sustainable Source : Unbounce.com, Forrester Research,Internet Retailer, April 2010, March 2011, October 2011
  • 5. A good explainer video is made of 1. Catchy story line 2. Engaging script 3. Smooth animation 4. Quality sound design 5. And perfect length
  • 7. And what if you want video that are longer ? Or in a series ? For a 2 minutes long video ICON: $1200/ INR 72,000 CUT OUT: $1200/ INR 72,000 CHARACTER: $1450/ INR 87,000 EXPRESSIONS: $1600/ INR 96,000 WHITE BOARD: $1600/ INR 96,000 For 6 videos order (for 2 minutes long video) ICON: $1000/ INR 60,000 CUT OUT: $1000/ INR 60,000 CHARACTER: $1250/ INR 75,000 EXPRESSIONS: $1400/ INR 84,000 WHITE BOARD: $1400/ INR 84,000
  • 8. Who are we? White Ideas Media is the go-to marketing partner for: 1. Start-ups who need experienced hands for market penetration 2. SMBs that are restricted to build full-fledged in-house team 3. Companies that need support for specific marketing initiatives 4. Agencies that need external support to fulfil customer requirements 5. Anyone who has marketing plan but need help with execution
  • 9. What we do? 1. Research and Strategy 2. Content Strategy and Development Websites, Collateral, Blogs, White Papers, Case Studies, Newsletters 3. Digital Marketing Social media, Advertisements, email Campaigns, SEO, Explainer Videos, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics 4. Product Launches Conceptualization, Brand Identity, Microsites, Communication, Digital media, Mobile apps 5. Industry Outreach Events, PR, Awards, Directories
  • 10. Why us? 1. Formalize marketing function without adding overhead to business 2. Collective experience of over three decades in global markets 3. Creativity of an agency, professionalism of an IT corporate 4. Methodical approach to solution definition and execution 5. Competitive pricing and offshore advantage
  • 11. Customer landscape 1. Social Commerce Software Product Collateral development, Blogs, Social media, B2C campaigns strategy, Tradeshow support, Digital marketing 2. Information and e-commerce Portal Content development and Social media guideline setting 3. Learning Solutions Company Collateral development and Digital guideline setting 4. Sports Management Company Brand identity and collateral
  • 12. Write to us and get a quote today : E-mail : talktous@whiteideasmedia.com Twitter : @WhiteIdeasMedia Phone : +91 9890171116 (India), +91 9923074441 (India),+1 617 981 6380 (US)