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Scene 1(Scene animates.)

(sfx:bill printing sound.)Scene1(Malecharactercheckswalletforcash.Femalecharacterisprocessingthebill.)VO: The world has moved on from paper-based media and transactions

Scene1(Walletdisappears,cardappeardsinstead.)VO: to digitalized data.

Scene2(Ladyswipesthecard,malecharacterlooksworried.)VO: Sustaining trust in this environment of change has been a keyfactor.

Scene 3(Card ips and comes to the foreground.)

BANK1234 5678 8765 4321JOHN DOE

Scene 3(Card bursts, only sim card remains and comes to the foreground.)

Scene4(Cardipsaround.)VO: FutureCard has been pioneering innovative and reliable card-based products that adapt to theever-changing needs of industries.

INCEPTIONFutureCard established2002

FutureCardand Mastercard2003

INCEPTION Payment CardsCertied Visaestablished magstripe cards producer

and Mastercarddelivered rstproducer2004MobileNetwork

Payment Cards SIM CardsCertied Visa Produced &magstripe cards FC-SIM card toOperators

ICMA and thedelivered rstmanufacturer2005Mobileetwork


SIM Cards Intl AssociationsProduced & Joined theFC-SIM card to GSMA as cardOperators

ICMA and theEMV smartcardmanufacturer

Intl Associations Visa EMVJoined the Certied VisaGSMA as card manufacturer2006

Certied VisaMasterCardmanufacturermanufacturer

Visa EMV MasterCard EMVCertiedEMV smartcard EMV smartcard2007

MasterCarddelivered rstmanufacturercard and rst

MasterCard EMV ID CardsCertied Produced &EMV smartcard polycarbonate2008 contactlesscard

Certieddelivered rstinterface cardcard and rst

ID Cards Visa DualProduced &polycarbonate Visa EMV dual-contactless 2009 manufacturercard

CertiedMasterCard EMVinterface cardcard

Visa Dual MasterCard DualCertiedVisa EMV dual- dual-interface manufacturer 2010 manufacturer

CQM anddual-interfacemanufacturer

MasterCard Dual Quality & SecurityCertied CertiedMasterCard EMV GSMA SAScard 2011

ISO 14001CQM and

Quality & Security ISO standardsCertied CertiedGSMA SAS ISO 180012012

ISO 14001PCI/DSS card

EMVISO standards PersonalizationCertied CertiedISO 18001 perso bureau2013

Produced &PCI/DSS cardcontactlessRTA Dubai

EMVPersonalization Transport CardsCertiedperso bureau delivered rst2014 metro card for

UnionPaycertieddelivered rstin the EMEA2015metrocard for

Transport Cards UnionPayProduced & First contactless card manufacturerRTA Dubai

Scene5(Milestonesanimateonebyone.Circleswithtextanimatewithapendulumeect.)VO: Leading in innovating products thatcater to industries like

UnionPayFirst UnionPay certied card manufacturer in the EMEA

Scene6(Pantorightfrompreviousscene,iconsanimate.)VO: nance, telecom, government and commercial;

IDENTITY CARD Finance Telecom Government Commercial

Scene7(Iconsexit,cardentersfromright.)VO: we have set new benchmarks in quality

Scene7(Dataencryptionentersfrombothsidesandvanishintothemagneticstrip.)VO: security,

Scene7(Cardipsaround.Dataentersintothesimcard.)VO: and personalization


Scene8(Cardipsaround.)VO: Specializing in card personalization,

Scene8(Cardgetspinnedtoapaperdocument.)VO: logistics,

Scene 8(Envelope enters from below and takes the paper inside.)

Scene 8

Scene 8(Envelope falls in a hand, hand exits.)

Scene8(Cardcasesanimateinrandomorder.)VO: fulllment packaging,

Scene 9(One of the card cases come to front.)

Scene9(Cardentersfromtop.)VO: as well as card consulting,

Scene 9

Scene9(Cardcasemorphsintoanairplane.)VO: we provide

Scene9(Zoomout.Planemovesinacircularorbit)VO: fast and reliable

Scene9(Globeformsalongthemotionlineoftheplane.)VO: end to end solutions.

Scene 10(Map unfolds.)

Scene10(Thesuggestedcountriesarehighlighted,customericonspopup.)VO: With over 500 active customers

Scene10(COEiconspopup.)VO: and 10 centers of excellence spread around the world,

Scene11(Mapwrapsaroundtheglobe.)VO: FutureCard is your trusted global card solutions partner.

Scene 4(FutureCard logo morphstoa line and extends.Milestonesanimate one by one.Circleswithtextanimatewithapendulumeect.)delivered rstdelivered rstEMV smartcardMasterCard EMVestablishedcard and rstMobile NetworkcardcardEMV smartcardmagstripe cardsGSMA as cardVisa EMV dual-VO: FutureCard has beenpioneering innovativeand reliable card-basedproducts that adapt to theever-changing needs of industries.

INCEPTION SIM Cards Visa EMV ID Cards MasterCard DualFutureCard Produced & Certied Visa Produced & CertiedFC-SIM card to manufacturer polycarbonate dual-interfaceOperators contactless manufacturer2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010Certied Visa Joined the Certiedand Mastercard ICMA and the MasterCard Certiedproducer manufacturer manufacturer