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Help companies get the best from their IT systems to meet their business objectives Advise and recommend solutionsManage implementation of systemsProviding IT support services and solutionsWorking with Strategic Business Partners to provide fully customized end to end IT solutions to meet growing business needsBusiness Technology


Work with sales and customer service teams to train them in specific areas enabling them to achieve sales targets and excel in the highest quality of customer service Ensuring a best practice sales methodology placing clients in a position to improve revenue streamsOffering Outsourced and Augmented Sales Force solutionsCreate Social Media StrategyRefine Negotiation StrategySales & Marketing

Helping organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement through their peopleCreating custom strategies to help businesses grow and succeedAnalysing the feasibility of mergers, alliances, new products, and market positioningBusiness Strategy

End to end support in integrated operations and supply chain cost managementGrowing businesses by leveraging capabilities, process improvement and reduction of waste Lean manufacturing and production process improvementOPERATIONS & SUPPLY CHAIN

Assisting clients with strategically integrating effective training programs supporting culture and change management, leadership development and management skills in daily operations. Recruiting and placement of resources for fulltime, short and long term contractsHUMAN RESOURCES

Providing a full range of financial and tax support, including cash management, superior tax recovery, and tax audit assistance/bullet-proofingEnsuring that business plans and their tax impacts are given full considerationBusiness registration, and incorporationFinance & Accounting

Business Solutions